What is Neocell&Trade; Collagen?

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Neocell™ collagen is the brand name for several dietary supplements that claim to produce younger-looking skin and improve joints, muscles, and ligaments in the human body. The products are sold as tablets, a liquid, or in powder form at stores that sell vitamin supplements. Neocell™ collagen is also sold online.

NeoCell™ Super Collagen Powder™ and tablets are touted to increase skin strength and skin flexibility that have been damaged by years of exposure to sunlight. The manufacturers also claim this form of Neocell™ collagen improves the strength of hair, ligaments, tendons, and joints because it affects cartilage. Other claims by the collagen distributors say it fights heart disease and diabetes.

A liquid Neocell™ collagen product is called Collagen+C Pomegranate Liquid™. Green tea and pomegranate juice in this supplement act with vitamin C to increase a person's sense of well-being, the company claims. The liquid also contains elderberry and cranberry juices, and agave.

Some people use the supplements as an alternative to collagen injections to generate younger-looking skin. Collagen injections come from pig collagen or human collagen, and can smooth out wrinkles or acne scars. These injections are popular in the lip area to fill out fine lines and make the lips appear plumper. They can also improve the appearance of facial veins, sagging skin, and reduce the size of pores. Stronger collagen formulas are used on deep lines in the face.


Collagen is a structural protein in the skin that helps it retain its shape. Elastin is present in the protein that allows skin to stretch when facial expressions are made and then return to its original shape. Exposure to the sun damages the fibers in the protein and causes skin to wrinkle and sag. Lips also become thinner as the sun damages the elastin.

Manufacturers of Neocell™ collagen products, along with other companies that produce collagen supplements, have conducted trials that claim the products helped skin retain moisture and reduced the presence of fine lines. There is scarce independent research to replicate the doses and results found by the companies that market and sell collagen tablets or powders. One study concluded these products might improve skin tone.

NeoCell Corporation was ordered to remove text from its ads that claimed it was the world’s best-selling beauty product after a complaint was filed by a competitor. The company was also told it could not claim Neocell™ collagen reduces fine lines and wrinkles or repairs nails. The studies the company submitted to the investigating agency were incomplete.


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