What is Natural Gas Furnace?

Ken Black

A natural gas furnace is a heating system fueled by natural gas, usually delivered through a utility line. It is one of the most common and cost-effective types of furnaces. The natural gas furnace is a popular option in many colder parts of the world.

Natural gas is one of the most common and cost-effective types of furnaces.
Natural gas is one of the most common and cost-effective types of furnaces.

The natural gas furnace is one of the most popular types of furnaces throughout the world, especially in colder climates. Although many things can be used to make a heating system more efficient, natural gas is one of the more efficient types of fuels to use for a couple of major reasons. Due to the abundance of natural gas in many parts of the world, and the infrastructure used to carry it already being in place, it costs less than other types of fuels. However, supply disruptions and political upheaval can cause the price of natural gas to fluctuate, much like any energy commodity.

The natural gas furnace is composed of many different parts. There is the intake line where gas goes into the furnace. A thermocouple provides electricity in the event an emergency shutoff of the pilot light is needed. The burners do the majority of the heating after being ignited by the pilot light and natural gas. Then, air is forced through the furnace, heated and sent to the rest of the home.

The thermostat of a natural gas furnace is similar to that of any other furnace or air conditioning system. If set automatically to a certain temperature, the natural gas furnace will turn on and off based on the temperature fluctuations in the home. In most cases, one thermostat can be used for both the furnace and air conditioning units, even if they are separate appliances.

While a natural gas furnace will continue to fire even if the electricity goes out, it will likely not be very effective at heating a home. The furnaces, while they run on natural gas, do require some electricity in order to work as designed. For example, the furnace must force air through the system and into the rest of the house. To do that, an electric blower is often used.

Due to the prevalence of the natural gas furnace, finding someone who can provide maintenance and repair on one is usually not difficult. Parts are readily available from many suppliers and some repair shops keep common parts on hand. Therefore, the furnace can usually be repaired in 24 hours. This can be an important consideration for those who live in colder climates and depend on a furnace to keep themselves and their home warm.

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