What is Natural Deodorant?

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Natural deodorants are deodorant products that make use of one or more herbs and other naturally occurring ingredients to manage body odor. One of the more common forms of natural deodorant is known as mineral salt or crystal deodorant. While deodorants of this type are usually focused on alleviating body odor without the use of synthetic chemicals and artificial fragrances, there are some natural products that also function as an antiperspirant.

The concept of a natural deodorant is not new at all. For centuries, various herbs have been used to help manage body odor. The juice from the aloe vera plant is one example. Sage is also seen as a natural way to deal with excess body odor. This use of herbs in centuries past led to the creation of natural deodorant products that could be massed produced.

Beginning in the 1970’s, an increased interest in using natural products that were free from scents and various types of harsh chemical led to the development of one of the first types of natural deodorant. Tom’s of Maine, a company that manufactures and distributed a number of natural products, developed a simple stick deodorant that provided protection utilizing only natural ingredients. Mineral salts also formed the basis for other forms of natural deodorant, while other products were developed by combining aloe vera, sage, damiana, peppermint and other fragrant herbs into a mixture that helped to minimize body odor while providing an earthy but pleasant scent for the body.


While natural deodorant products were once considered specialty items that were found only in health food stores, that is no longer the case. A number of different brands of natural deodorant are available in supermarkets and drugstores. The range of natural products for managing body odor has also broadened over the years. Along with stick deodorant, it is also possible to purchase roll-on natural deodorant and even liquid products that are applied with a clean cloth or cotton balls.

While natural deodorant products are helpful in controlling body odor, many of them do nothing to control the rate of perspiration. This can sometimes present a problem for people who want a deodorant that also functions as an antiperspirant. However, there are a few natural deodorants on the market today that offer at least some protection from perspiration as well.

Natural deodorant products are especially helpful for people who have allergic reactions to ingredients found in many commercial brands, such as aluminum chlorohydrate. The lack of chemicals to produce some type of fragrance is also appealing to many people. Over the years, the growing market for all things natural has helped natural deodorant products to become more cost competitive with the mass produced deodorant options. In some cases, a natural deodorant may cost no more than any other type of deodorant.


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Nice review! And affordable price! For years I used All Natural Deodorant from Lavanila and am really happy with them. They are little bit pricey, but you get what you pay for: no harsh chemicals at all.

Post 3

Crystals deodorants are great and very effective, even hypoallergenic too. But not all crystal deodorants are natural. Learn to spot which are from truly natural sources and which are synthetically manufactured. Crystal deodorants made from natural potassium alum are translucent, and ones made with synthetic potassium alum are white and opaque.

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