What is Mouse Cytokine?

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A mouse cytokine is a protein secreted by the immune system of a mouse. Cytokines are used for cell signaling, to carry information between cells for the purpose of regulating immune responses and other activities. When cells are injured, diseased, or otherwise compromised, cytokines are involved in the immune response. These proteins are found in other animals, such as humans, and a number of different cytokines have been identified, including broad classes of cytokines such as the lymphokines, interferons, and interleukins.

In the mouse, a mouse cytokine acts as part of the body's regulatory system. Outside of the mouse, a mouse cytokine can be a useful diagnostic and research tool as part of a mouse cytokine panel. In a cytokine panel, an unknown sample is evaluated to determine which cytokines are present, and in which numbers. This, in turn, provides information about the health of the organism the sample comes from, and provides specific information about immune responses. Such panels can also be used to learn more about the sequence of events in an immune system response.


Most typically, labs package a set of mouse cytokines together, with 14-16 cytokines being common. They may be assembled in a kit which includes everything needed except the sample. The cytokines are conjugated with substances which will fluoresce or chemoluminesce, and during the panel, they form “sandwiches” with cytokines in the sample. The intensity of the fluorescence or luminescence indicates the concentrations of cytokines in the sample.

Researchers studying mice can use a cytokine assay to see which cytokines are present in their research subjects, and in what concentrations. This information can be used as part of the research, tracking changes in the immune system, seeing how various things can impact immune function, and so forth. As researchers identify and amass information on specific cytokines, they can use this information to learn more about their function, what triggers their production, and so forth.

Mouse cytokine kits are available from many labs and scientific suppliers which stock things like ELISA kits, various antibodies, and so forth. It is also possible to obtain cytokines from other species for other types of research, and for use in diagnosis and treatment. The cytokines can be shipped in a variety of different formats, depending on the need of the buyer, and some companies offer special rates for bulk purchases such as those made by large labs which might have a need for large numbers of cytokines for research and development.


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