What Is Motor Retardation?

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Motor retardation is a type of health condition in which some limitations in basic reflexes and movement develop. There are a number of reasons why this type of difficulty with movement may come to pass, including the use of certain types of medications, mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety disorders, and even temporary damage to certain muscle groups, inhibiting the range of motion during the recovery period. Depending on the origins of the motor retardation, the condition can be effectively treated and recovery is possible.

One of the more common causes of motor retardation is the presence of a physical or neurological condition that has some impact on how the body moves. Health issues such as cerebral palsy and Tay-Sachs disease, both of which have an impact on the nervous system, making it difficult to control movement. When an ongoing health issue is the reason for the motor retardation, medications can sometimes aid in controlling both this symptom as well as other symptoms associated with the specific disease.


Emotional issues such as depression and anxiety may also trigger some degree of motor retardation. The imbalance that is created between the body and the mind by the presence of this disorders can manifest in a number of ways, including trigger changes in the range of motion the patient is capable of managing. Often, treating the underlying reasons for the depression or anxiety will slowly begin to improve both physical and mental prowess, as the patient begins to feel more in control of both body and mind.

Allergic reactions to medication can also serve as a reason for the development of motor retardation. This includes medications designed to treat some of the medical conditions that are known to cause a reduction in the scope of motor skills. Typically, working with a physician to either adjust the dosage or to try a different medication that provides the same benefits without affecting motor skills will often pave the way for full recovery from the retardation.

It is important to keep in mind that while rare, motor retardation may also be triggered by allergic reactions to the ingredients of a number of commonly used products. For example, products like aftershave lotions or even rubbing alcohol have been known to cause adverse reactions that included the development of temporary motor retardation. Typically, seeking medical treatment immediately, combined with refraining from further use of the offending product, will make it possible to overcome the problem and enjoy the same degree of motor skills as before.


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