What is Moisturizing Lipstick?

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Moisturizing lipstick is a type of cosmetic product that adds color to the lips while providing moisture at the same time. Lipstick is often very drying to the lips, which can cause them to become chapped and cracked; the only solution is to apply a moisturizing lip balm first, then apply a lipstick on top of that. This method does not always work well, however, because the lip balm tends to make the lipstick wear off much more quickly. Moisturizing lipstick solves that problem by combining lip conditioners and lipstick in one tube.

The benefit to using lipstick rather than lip gloss is that the color is very saturated and tends to last much longer. Moisturizing lipstick includes softening and moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E, oils such as macadamia oil, or shea butter. Emollients added to the lipstick help the lips to retain moisture, while antioxidants help to repair damage to dry lips and offer anti-aging benefits.

Some types of moisturizing lipstick also contain suncreen as well, typically SPF 15 to SPF 20. Though many people don't think about applying sunblock to the lips, it is important to do so every day. Sun damage to the lips can cause permanent wrinkles as well as skin cancer, so choose a lipstick or lip balm that contains sunscreen, and apply it regularly.


Another one of the benefits to moisturizing lipstick is its ability to prevent feathering. Lipstick that causes the lips to dry out will often feather into the small wrinkles around the lips, but lipstick with moisturizing ingredients is less likely to do this. Moisturizing lipstick may be slightly more expensive than standard lipstick, but many people believe it is worth it for the extra benefits. It can be found in most drugstores or ordered online.

Long-wearing lipstick is typically not very moisturizing, because it acts like a lip stain instead of a true lipstick. Most long-wearing lipsticks come with a corresponding gloss, however, which is reapplied throughout the day to make the lips look more shiny. This gloss often contains moisturizing ingredients, and it is important to apply it when wearing long-wearing lipstick to prevent the lips from becoming extremely dry.

There are hundreds of different shades of lipstick available. Most women have different shades for day and evening. A day shade may be a lighter, more casual shade, whereas an evening color will likely be darker. Moisturizing lipstick is available in all different shades, and is manufactured by a number of different cosmetics companies.


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Post 4

@StarJo – They do work, and lucky for you, they work best in warm weather. I have tried using them year round, but wintertime presents certain challenges.

Moisturizing lipsticks set well on warm lips, and if you are going to be out in the summer sun, they will continue to provide you with colorful protection. However, if you are in cold, windy air, they tend to dry up and peel away.

I wore a moisturizing lipstick with sun protection on my ski trip last winter, and in about thirty minutes, my lips were chapped. The wind had dried out the product, and the chill was just too much for it to handle.

Post 3

I did not know until reading this that moisturizing lipstick was available with sunscreen! I thought only lip balms featured sun protection.

This is good news to me. I have been using a colorless stick of lip balm with SPF 30 every time I go to the beach, but I would love to add some color to my lips and still get the same protection. I have seen other girls on the beach wearing lipstick, but I just assumed they didn't care about protecting their lips from the sun.

Has anyone here tried sunscreen infused moisturizing lipstick? Does it work as well as a lip balm, or do you get chapped lips anyway?

Post 2

@seag47 – I haven't had a whole lot of luck with moisturizing lipsticks. No matter what they are designed to do, all lipsticks seem to zap my lips of moisture within an hour, and I have tried many brands.

I have had success with lip stains covered by gloss, though. When I put the stain on for the very first time, I thought it would be torture, because it felt like painting my lips with plaster. However, as soon as I swiped the gloss across it, I experienced a waterfall of moisture.

I carry the gloss around in my purse, and I apply it every two hours or so. It's weird how moisturizing lipstick doesn't have as good an effect for me as this stuff does, but everybody is different.

Post 1

I have tried using lip balm under my lipstick, but sometimes, this seems to make the products cake up into little colored lines and peel off. Using a lipstick formulated to moisturize lips continuously is so much easier and more efficient.

I have three shades of the same brand of moisturizing lipstick. One is a pinkish nude for some “barely there” color and a whole lot of moisture; one is a burgundy for nights out on dates or parties; and one is a shimmery red for bright outfits.

All of them provide moisture for a much longer amount of time than wearing regular lipstick with gloss on top. I am slowly building my collection, but I will probably keep with the same brand, because it works so well.

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