What is Mobile Hairdressing?

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Mobile hairdressing refers to hair styling services that are brought to the customer’s home. Traditionally, the only option in getting hairdressing services was to go to hair stylists in a salon setting. Mobile hairdressing allows clients to have the option of stylists styling their hair in their own homes. Many people find this alternative more convenient than going to a salon.

Some elderly, ill or handicapped people can’t get out to hair salons every six to eight weeks for a trim and style, so mobile hairdressing provides another alternative. Hair styling services delivered to the home are also favored by some families that prefer to have the whole family’s hair needs handled at the same time. Parents are saved from either having to take everyone in the family to the salon at once and managing behavior issues inside the shop or having to coordinate the family’s schedule to visit a shop several times so that only one or two family members can receive hair care each time. Alternatively, a mobile hairdressing stylist may arrive at the family’s house on a Saturday morning or other convenient time to cut and style everyone’s hair.


A disadvantage of mobile hairdressing for those who like to be pampered in a salon is that they aren’t likely to sit and relax in their home as they may in a hair styling shop. It’s likely that that they will be the ones offering coffee and a magazine to the mobile hairstylist rather than the other way around. In the salon, the customer often sits and sips a beverage and/or flips through a fashion or gossip magazine when her hair is setting, while the hairstylist does other work. In her own home, the same customer may be doing chores such as emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry while waiting for her hair to reach the next step in the styling process.

An advantage of mobile hairdressing is that it often costs much less than hair styling done in a salon since the overhead is much lower for the stylist. The mobile professional hair stylist has only his or her transportation and equipment costs to consider rather than that of a full salon with rent and utility bills. Mobile hairdressing also allows professional stylists who don’t have the funds to run a hair styling shop the option of still having their own business.


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