What Is Mining Industry Analysis?

K. Reynolds

Mining industry analysis is the process of researching and compiling data that is relevant to a particular mining sector in a particular location. The mining industry as a whole is extremely vast and encompasses coal mining, gold mining, and silver mining, just to name a few types. A thorough mining industry analysis allows companies and potential investors to gain a detailed synopsis of the happenings within a particular sub-market of the overall mining industry.

A mining industry analysis may compare the relative costs of mining a given material in different locations.
A mining industry analysis may compare the relative costs of mining a given material in different locations.

This industry includes not only mining companies, but also oil and gas extraction companies. Just about any trade that drills for resources in the earth is included within the mining industry. These companies can include solid mineral companies that drill for coal, or liquid mineral companies that mine for crude petroleum and natural gas. The mining industry also includes companies that drill for precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

A mining industry analysis reviews the industry trends, including the price levels of certain minerals and metals. The purposes of doing this type of analysis include projections of whether the price of a particular resource will rise or fall in the future, as well as determination of the factors that will cause demand for resources to rise or fall. Thorough mining industry analysis reports also track various governmental regulations that may have an adverse impact on companies within the industry.

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Generally, a mining industry analysis will focus on one particular type of mining, such as gold mining or silver mining. This focused analysis allows members of the industry to have access to a detailed report that outlines the trends and metrics that are fueling the industry. In addition to a specific product type, a mining industry analysis report can also focus on a particular country or region. This type of analysis is critical for companies that may be looking to enter into a new market. For example, a gold mining company based in the United States looking to mine for gold in India would benefit from a mining industry analysis that specifically focuses on the Indian gold mining industry.

Most mining industry analysis will include an abundance of statistics, financial ratios, industry surveys, and historical data about production and consumption levels. The extremely detailed nature of a mining industry analysis makes them rather expensive to purchase. Several research companies offer a variety of industry analysis reports that are updated quarterly for an annual membership fee.

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