What is Mild Nausea?

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Nausea is a queasy sensation affecting the stomach that most people associate with a feeling of needing to throw up. Mild nausea occurs when this feeling exists in a relatively minor form, and it could last for a short time or long time, depending on its cause. Typically, when nausea is mild, the urge to vomit is mild. Nausea and vomiting are usually considered separate activities — nausea is feeling like throwing up, whereas vomiting is the act of throwing up.

There are many reasons why people may develop mild nausea. Some people feel queasy after they eat a very large meal, and this feeling usually passes as the digestive system processes the meal. Another common cause of nausea is sea or carsickness. In some cases, this condition worsens to the point where vomiting occurs, but some only have a minor sense of queasiness that may come and go. Illnesses like labyrinthitis, which causes instability in the inner ear, problems with balance, and vertigo can also create nausea.


There are many additional causes of mild nausea. Pregnancy may cause it, not just in the first trimester, but many women also continue to become nauseous if they smell certain foods throughout the whole pregnancy. Fevers with any illness can make some people feel queasy. Certainly, there are a host of medicines that may list this symptom as a common side effect. Medical conditions like diabetes, anxiety disorder, gastrointestinal problems, and high blood pressure may all result in mild nausea too.

How to treat mild nausea may depend on its causes and on how bothersome it is. Since many people know feeling mildly nauseous doesn’t translate to throwing up, they are able to tolerate the feeling. Low-level constant nausea, though, can be challenging and there are certain medications that can address it, like some antihistamines, but the trade-off is many of these make people feel sleepy.

Sometimes the easiest cure for mild forms of nausea is to simply lie or sit down in a comfortable position until the feeling passes. Others find exposure to fresh air at an open window useful, or sipping water in small amounts may help nausea pass. Many evolve their own best methods for addressing this if they deal with the symptom often.

Since mild nausea sometimes is symptomatic of serious illness, it is important to mention to doctors if it continues with no obvious explanation. More than a day or two of mild nausea shouldn’t be ignored, as in rare cases, it can be a symptom of conditions like appendicitis. A full examination often allows doctors to discover its cause which could lead to treatment suggestions to reduce discomfort.


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I sometimes experience mild nausea when I wake up in the morning. It goes away once I've had breakfast, so I guess it's hunger that triggers the feeling. I've also noticed nausea whenever my blood sugar level is too low.

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I have found that strong smells can also trigger mild nausea. One time I was at a buffet restaurant and one of the items was baked chicken in white sauce. The white sauce contained a lot of vinegar, and the smell overwhelmed me for a minute. I felt nauseous at first, then things settled down. Ordinarily the smell of vinegar doesn't bother me, but it was so concentrated that it felt like chemical fumes.

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