What is Middle-Market Investment Banking?

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Middle-market investment banking refers to the process by which specialized investment firms advise and help raise capital for companies considered middle market. Although various firms use different parameters, a company is generally considered to be middle market if it brings in yearly revenue between $25 million US Dollars (USD) and $1 billion USD. These companies are generally privately-owned and may need the capital to survive tough financial times or to undertake a new business initiative. By using middle-market investment banking, these companies can help locate the capital to achieve their ultimate business goals.

Investment banking is a crucial service used by many companies. The various investment banks can provide a vast array of services to their clients that go beyond the securing of investment capital. These firms have the experience in the business world that allows them to analyze the business models of their client companies and suggest ways for these companies to succeed in the long-term. When this process occurs with the companies that fall somewhere between market-dominating blue-chip companies and small companies just starting out, it is known as middle-market investment banking.


Companies that are considered middle market may have different reasons for needing the services of an investment bank to help them acquire the funding they desire. Many middle-market companies are ones that have seen better times but are currently struggling, and investment capital can serve as a lifeline for such companies. On the other hand, some middle-market companies may be on the upswing, and an infusion of funding can be the impetus for ascension to bigger and better things. In either case, middle-market investment banking may be the perfect solution.

Funding acquired through the process of middle-market investment banking can come in various forms. A privately-owned company may reach out to private-equity investors, who donate the capital in return for a stake in the company's ownership. The extreme version of this arrangement occurs when investors essentially buy out the company in question.

Using middle-market investment banking can also be a way for privately-owned companies to go public. Middle-market companies often require the funding that comes from an initial public offering on the stock market, and an investment bank can be the conduit to help this occur. No matter the situation, an investment bank has the ability to analyze the specific situation and make suggestions based on what is right for the company. The investment bank also has the connections, through its business experience, to connect a company seeking funding with the investors willing to provide it.


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