What Is Merkaba Meditation?

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Based on ancient Egyptian energy mysticism, merkaba mediation is a type of spiritual introspection that draws power from geometric energy fields that spin and radiate light around the perimeter of the meditator. Practitioners of merkaba meditation believe that all souls are engulfed in illuminated energy fields shaped like triangles that are dormant or active depending on how much people use them. Rhythmic breathing, specific hand movements and concentration are ways to awaken the energy fields. These fields are the anchor of merkaba meditation and interaction with them allegedly allows one to travel to the higher self, to experience heightened awareness, and to glimpse alternate realities or dimensions.

Energy fields activated through merkaba meditation are not stationary but dynamic; they consist of two overlapping tetrahedrons pointing in opposite directions, similar to a three-dimensional Star of David. The planes of these sacred triangular fields cut through the human body of the meditator and constantly rotate in a counter-clockwise manner. As they penetrate the meditator and merge with that person’s aura, the axles of the energy fields purportedly align the body with the spirit and the mind. Spinning energy fields in merkaba meditation can move fast or slow, sometimes accelerating at the speed of light. Holistic advisers suggest that the energy fields are so expansive that they extend 55 feet (16.8 meters) beyond the body of the person meditating.


A balancing activity, merkaba meditation enables people to access both their feminine and masculine energies, giving them the potential of being intuitive and rational or active and receptive. Participants in regular and consistent merkaba meditation report less stress, healing from physical and emotional pain, and the ability to recall long lost memories. Some meditators claim to feel a stronger connection with God.

To begin merkaba meditation and activate energy fields, one must practice a 17-breath pattern of slow, conscious respiration while doing hand movements known as “murdras.” Mudras are religious and ritualistic hand signals that convey meanings of things like love, concentration, reason and devotion. Instructors in merkaba meditation teach novices how to perform these physical tasks. In addition to breathing and hand signaling, practitioners are taught to open their heart, which has its own electromagnetic energy that must remain unguarded in order to achieve harmony.

While this meditation can be practiced individually, some prefer to practice merkaba in groups so as to benefit from shared energy. The environment used for merkaba meditation is often consecrated so that it is used for no other activity. Spiritual candles and a dedicated meditation mat are the main tools needed.


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Post 3

Merkaba, or the geometric fields of energy, is not something that we create through meditation. They're actually already there. But because of modern life and the stress that comes with modern life, these energy fields have slowed down. This leads to a variety of issues in our lives, our health and our spirituality.

So the entire goal of merkaba meditation is to get those fields of energy going once again. When they spin faster and increase in energy, then many things start improving in our lives and bodies. At least this is what proponents of merkaba meditation believe.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- I've not used merkaba meditation for anything like that. I use it for relaxation and greater awareness of myself, as well as establishing a closer connection with the divine. I'm not sure if anyone practices this meditation for any other purpose.

Communicating with other spirits is probably not a goal of this meditation technique. Merkaba helps one establish a stronger connection with one's own spirit though. Merkaba is made up of three syllables. Mer means light, ka means spirit and ba means body. So it's fairly straightforward from the term itself that that merkaba is about the connection between light or energy, spirit and body.

Post 1

This sounds like something that could be done to get in touch with spirits. Does anyone here do merkaba meditation for this purpose?

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