What Is Melatonin Spray?

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Melatonin spray is a liquid spray containing the chemical melatonin, which is a naturally-occurring hormone used by the human body to help trigger and regulate sleep. Melatonin sleep supplements come in pill form and non-spraying liquids, but melatonin spray is considered by some users to be faster acting, with generally positive testimonials from users who suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders. It is also used by people who simply wish to go to sleep faster, or who want to induce sleep for some other purpose, such as traveling.

The spray form of melatonin is very similar to the liquid form and can contain any number of ingredients, including vitamins and other chemicals marketed as either healthy or sleep inducing. Produced by the pineal gland, melatonin is allegedly produced whenever it becomes dark, helping us naturally fall asleep. Due to our reliance on modern lights, this means that our ordinary ability to fall asleep may often be disrupted. Adults also purportedly produce less melatonin than younger people. According to these theories, by taking melatonin, one can restore an important chemical that aids in sleep. Regardless of the validity of the science, many users report that melatonin is effective as a sleep aid and usually free of side effects.


Unlike many sleep aids, the side effects of melatonin spray are reported to be minimal in adults. However, it is not necessarily considered safe for children, nor has it been evaluated by most international health organizations or the United States's FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Those who have symptoms of mental illness, allergies, or auto-immune diseases or cancers are warned to avoid it, as are pregnant women and women wishing to conceive. There have not been any studies on the drug that were found to be conclusive.

Since there is no legitimate scientific data supporting or rejecting the safety or the benefits of melatonin use, it's recommended that patients consult with a doctor before using it, especially in cases where the patient has a concern or health problem. Certain foods containing the drug have been banned in the United States. Moreover, there are no manufacturing standards for melatonin supplement production; therefore, there is no guarantee concerning its purity. Researchers have found some samples to be impure and others to contain toxins.

In addition to the sleep benefits of melatonin spray, it is reputed to be healthy based on its status as an antioxidant. The concept of health-promoting "antioxidants" has been aggressively marketed around the world, but the actual salubrious effects of antioxidants has yet to be proven by science, and some research has shown equally deleterious effects, such as the impairment of muscle function. Melatonin is also said to aid in digestion, mainly because it has been discovered in the human digestive tract.

Most of the information that can be found online concerning melatonin and melatonin spray is produced by the various companies that sell the products; thus, when seeking to learn more about melatonin, it's useful to look for impartial scientific sources of information. While melatonin is advocated by many, those who have concerns about its efficacy and safety should be careful about which sources to trust.


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