What is Medical Student Insurance?

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Medical student insurance usually refers to health insurance plans undertaken by students attending medical school. Medical school students may have a greater need for health insurance than other college students, since their practical work may expose them to greater risk of illness. Many accredited colleges, medical schools, and universities offer medical student insurance plans along with insurance coverage for all students, but private insurance plans may be substituted in some cases. Many schools require all students to have insurance coverage through the school or a private plan.

Insurance plans offered through the school or university of attendance can be an ideal choice for some students. Since these plans are built into the framework of the school, payment may be included with tuition costs, thereby lowering the amount of paperwork and contact information needed. Medical school students also have the advantage of attending institutions that have medical departments, meaning that student insurance plans often cover services offered right on campus. In the busy life of a medical student, having convenient care options where there is no question of coverage can lead to an enormous reduction in stress.


It may be better to go through a private insurance program for medical student insurance if the student is already covered through a family plan. Laws in some countries allow younger students to remain on their parents' insurance policies while attending school, which can result in cost savings in some cases. Compare private rates to school-offered medical student insurance to get an idea of potential savings, but be sure to factor in the services provided by each program; in some cases, a comprehensive insurance package that covers almost all potential medical needs may be worth paying extra.

For students who plan to take a semester abroad or specialize in international work, it may be worthwhile to consider medical student insurance plans that include travel expenditures. Some med students choose to spend their summers working in medical clinics abroad, sometimes in areas where illness is rampant. Knowing that medical care will be covered abroad can be a huge relief to students and their families. Some of the services covered in traveler's medical insurance may include hospital visits, prescription drugs, and even emergency transportation out of the area. Some insurance plans may have discount rates for medical students.

Good medical student insurance can be necessary to maintaining and ensuring health throughout medical school. In addition to working in environments where sickness is a daily hazard, medical students work incredibly long hours and often experience extremely high stress levels, which can lead to a reduced ability to fight off disease. Having good preventative and treatment coverage can help keep students healthier and deal with medical issues faster.


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