What is MCSD Certification?

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MCSD is an acronym for Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, and MCSD certification is a program provided by Microsoft Corporation. A person with this certification can analyze and design enterprise solutions using Microsoft languages and development tools. Courses are available from various training companies that teach the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the exams required to gain certification.

Someone who is certified must be familiar with the Microsoft languages Visual Basic and Visual C# (pronounced C Sharp), as well as with Microsoft's database development platforms, including SQL (pronounced sequal) server, Biztalk server, and Commerce server. Certification indicates a high degree proficiency with Microsoft products and the capability of developing enterprise solutions. An enterprise solution might be something like payroll system, a company-wide database for inventory control, or a database of all of the employee information required by the human resources department.

MCSD certification is the best choice for someone who is interested in business analysis and how software products from Microsoft can best be used to enhance business function. People who have an interest more on the application development side may find that MCAD certification is the better choice. MCAD stands for Microsoft Certified Application Developer. A systems analyst position is best served by earning MCSD certification, which is concerned with the entire product life cycle, from the initial planning, on through development and testing, continuing with deployment, and finally with ongoing program maintenance.


While it is possible to specialize in a particular language or area within the certification program, it is important to become familiar with the entire suite of Microsoft programs. MCSD certification is about an integrated and systematic approach to computer applications. It involves knowing which solution is best suited for each problem, but does not always require detailed knowledge of the precise implementation details.

This certification provides for peer recognition, industry recognized standards, better job opportunities and pay, and a host of other benefits. It is now being replaced with MCPD certification, which stands for Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, although both designations are still available from Microsoft.


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What is the duration of MCSD and what is the fee for an MCSD program?

Can a person become a MCSD while studying in another degree program or does he have to only focus on MCSD. Actually, I am doing a Masters in computer science and want to ask if I am admitted to MCSD also during my masters, will it take my focus away from my regular studies?

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