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Matrix Energetics® is a transformative healing system developed by Richard Bartlett, a chiropractor and naturopath, after he experienced a life-changing event in 1997. He discovered that he could restore the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance in his patients by merely touching them gently with focused intent. Furthermore, he was able to correct misalignments that had plagued some of his clients for years. He learned that he could teach anyone this method, which utilizes a combination of subtle energy, quantum physics, active imagination, and focused intent.

According to the philosophy behind Matrix Energetics®, the body is a resonating matrix containing a biological field of information. The patterns within this matrix can be disrupted through emotional or physical injury, creating ingrained habits or perceptions that can block a person from achieving a state of prosperity, health, happiness, and other positive circumstances. Matrix Energetics® works to shift these ingrained patterns, remove blockages, and transform the core beliefs, enabling the client to achieve his or her goals in order to create the kind of life desired. Practitioners believe preconceived notions of limitations are the source of one’s problems, and these limitations can be instantly removed through Matrix Energetics®. This healing system is thought to remove the causes of both temporary and chronic problems including fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, headaches, scoliosis, emotional trauma, and many more.


The Matrix Energetics® system stands alone, and many feel it doesn’t need to be combined with any other technique, although some practitioners use it to enhance other healing methods. One session with a Matrix Energetics® practitioner can change the belief system of the client and transform his or her beliefs about the nature of disease, healing, and the structure of reality. It is common for recipients to feel and sometimes feel a wave pass throughout their bodies as their previous view of reality is altered. This is where Matrix Energetics® enters the realm of quantum physics.

Time and space are not a part of reality at the quantum level. According to quantum theory, one’s consciousness can have an effect on how subatomic particles behave, and the universe is interconnected with tiny wave-particles of information, or quanta, that can be transferred at a rate faster than the speed of light. These quanta can appear everywhere at once, and can move forward or backward in time. A person’s consciousness can have an effect on these quanta to change physical matter and emotions. These views are integrated into the Matrix Energetics® treatments, and are responsible for shifts that are thought to occur on the cellular level.


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