What Is Marshmallow Fudge?

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Fudge is a type of candy that is generally made by heating milk or heavy cream, butter, and sugar together and stirring until it is smooth and creamy. The candy does not usually require baking and instead the mixture is typically chilled in a dish and then cut into small squares for serving. A wide variety of different ingredients may be added to the fudge base to make different flavors. One of the most common variations is marshmallow fudge, which usually adds chocolate, marshmallow, and toasted nuts to the fudge base.

Marshmallow fudge recipes often call for marshmallow crème as one of its main ingredients because the product tends to melt more smoothly and evenly than whole marshmallows. Due to the high amount of rich flavor imparted from the fudge’s heavy cream, butter, and sugar base, recipes generally call for semisweet chocolate, rather than milk chocolate, to prevent the candy from being overpoweringly rich. If nuts, such as walnuts or pecans, are used in the recipe, they are typically toasted first in order to add a deeper flavor.


The process of making marshmallow fudge usually begins with making the thick, creamy base. The milk or heavy cream, butter, sugar, and marshmallow crème are cooked together on a stovetop until the ingredients are smoothly combined. The chocolate pieces are generally not added in until the base of the fudge is done because the chocolate tends to be at risk for burning if exposed to heat for a prolonged period of time. To prevent the chocolate from burning, it is typically recommended to turn off the heat and use the carryover heat to slowly and gently melt the chocolate into the mixture. If nuts are being used, they tend to be stirred in once all of the other ingredients are melted together.

Marshmallow fudge recipes do not usually require any other cooking time besides the time to melt the ingredients together. To form the fudge into a more solid shape for serving, the mixture is generally poured into a baking dish and chilled to allow the ingredients time to become firmer. If a softer consistency is desired, the fudge may be rested at room temperature, rather than chilled, until it firms to the preferred consistency for eating.

Due to the concentrated richness of the ingredients, marshmallow fudge is usually cut into small, bite-sized pieces for serving, rather than sliced into larger wedges or squares like other desserts. If it is not being served immediately, it is often recommended to store the candy in the refrigerator. Keeping the fudge chilled may help it keeps its shape and help it maintain its freshness. It may also be frozen for up to six months, and thawed to room temperature before consuming.


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Post 3

@literally45-- Yes, you can do that. I have done it before. But just make sure to microwave the ingredients one by one. For example, microwave the butter first. Then, add the sugar and cream, microwave again. Last, add the chocolate and marshmallow creme and microwave again. Microwave for short periods of time and check on the ingredients frequently. Pour the fudge into a tray and cool as you would otherwise.

Post 2

I don't have access to a stove. Can I melt the ingredients for the marshmallow fudge in the microwave? Has anyone tried this before?

Post 1

My mom makes amazing marshmallow fudge. Her fudge treats are quite popular in the community. Some people invite her to events hoping that she will bring some fudge with her!

As far as I know, she uses a simple recipe like the one described in this recipe. But she uses evaporated milk instead of regular milk or cream. Some recipes call for margarine but my mom will only use butter. She usually makes her marshmallow fudge with walnuts or pecans. They're both very good, but I do prefer marshmallow fudge with roasted pecans. I even had her freeze them and ship them to me once when I was away at college. I was only a few hours away so they managed to get to me without melting!

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