What Is Marinated Feta?

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Marinated feta is a kind of cheese that has been prepared by submerging it in a liquid concoction called a marinade. Marinating food allows it to absorb the various flavors of the ingredients that are put into the marinade. Some cheeses are frequently processed this way because of their mild flavor and porous texture.

Feta cheese is a specific kind of goat’s cheese that has a crumbly texture and is often sold in solid but light blocks. This white cheese is associated with Greek or similar Mediterranean cultures. When marinated in brine, it can sometimes be excessively salty, but other varieties of feta are mild, and can absorb the flavors of a marinade quite well.

As a solid cheese, feta is often marinated in olive oil or some other type of oil. The best quality products use fresh extra virgin olive oil or some other kind of pure, unadulterated vegetable or nut oils. Cooks put other flavor ingredients into the oil, and allow the cheese to rest in the mixture for several hours, or even several days.

Aside froim oil, some other more flavorful liquids may be included in the process for making marinated feta. Vinegar is a common ingredient, where the result can include the strong slightly bitter flavor of a particular red wine vinegar or other variety. Other kinds of liquid sauce might also be added.


Although some chefs recommend against using garlic for marinating feta, it is still common ingredient for this kind of preparation. Cooks can shell garlic cloves and cut them in half, cut garlic into slices, or mince the garlic for inclusion in the marinade. Some other kinds of onions, such as spring onions or similar plants may also be added.

In addition to the above, herbs are a common ingredient for making marinated feta. One common herb for this kind of mix is rosemary; other herbs like time or oregano may also be added. Cooks might also add whole or crushed peppercorns for a flavor that’s familiar to many western audiences. Whole bay leaves may add even more flavor to the mix.

Marinated feta can be sold in simple open top containers or in sealed plastic wrap. Various marinated feta products are sold as whole blocks or as crumbled flakes. Manufacturers and retailers often market these products for specific uses in salads, Greek foods, or other recipes.


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