What is MariEL?


MariEL, or more fully the MariEL Healing System Reiki, is a healing energy system that is said to draw its powers from the Mother Mary, commonly known as Mary the mother of Christ. The energy system is predicated on the belief that each of the body’s cells possess a memory and that these cells and the memory therein can be released by proper manipulation or channeling, thus effecting a catharsis of the bad memories and traumas that are apt to linger and have harmful physical and psychological effects.

Woman in breeze
Woman in breeze

MariEL is the brain-child of the American Reiki Master Ethel Lombardi. In the 1980s, she forewent siding with either of the then two leading practitioners of Reiki, Barbara Ray and Phyllis Furomoto, in order to forge her own innovative energy healing system that took its name from Mary the mother of Christ and El, a godly appellation found in the Old Testament.

A MariEL master has at his disposal the MariEL Reiki toolkit of energy manipulation and three important symbols. These symbols are called distance, power and higher self connection. The energy in the body is manipulated or channeled by non-tactile massage that the MariEL Reiki Master summons by positioning his hands near the subject’s body. This channeling of the body’s energy is brought about by the Reiki master positioning his hands in special positions along what are called energy lines.

A typical MariEL session takes longer than an hour, during which time the body is said to reveal to a practiced Reiki master its "narrative." The body is first prepared for this energy release and then the Reiki Master will channel energy in a regular Reiki manner, which is often performed by touching the subject but can also be non-tactile. The amount of cellular memory that is channeled is in accordance with the subject’s volition. The Reiki Master is said to facilitate the release of as much energy as the subject is prepared to release.

At each subsequent MariEl session, the energy probing is deeper and more pervasive; with each cellular release, the energy build-up of a deeper and more latent facet of the subject’s energy narrative is revealed. The Reiki Master will often employ different methods in the sessions, with typical means of energy manipulation including vibrational sound therapy, chelation techniques and CarnioSacral therapy. A subject who has undergone a series of productive sessions will have excavated their energy narrative and have arrived at a better sense of "self-hood" and energy equilibrium.

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Does anyone still do this work? I was a kid and had it done on me in 1983. Very effective and I had no preconceived notions back them at all. It totally helped me then (it was a minor but very painful physical ailment).


When Ethel was teaching us one day, we formed a circle and we were being blessed by the angels. I moved my foot and my whole leg became numb. Afterward, she told me to walk on the grass barefoot. At once, a great beam of energy flowed through me from my head to my toes into the Earth and feeling returned to my leg. I knew then that she was indeed a Master sent by God. MariEl stands for Mary and God. Ethel said His name is Jesus. MariEl is much more powerful than the Reiki teachings it is based upon. When Ethel died, it twas a great loss to the world as she was a living saint.


I have been thinking about taking Reiki. I woke up thinking do I need to do that. I took Mari-el with Ethel in the 1980's, two levels. I found my notes and can't wait to practice again. I wonder if anyone is doing the attunements she did in class? I wonder if the attunements are still necessary? Are there attunements in Reiki?


I learned MariEL in February 1990. I did not really appreciate the power of this system until I began to work with clients, years later.

I have witnessed people release chronic pain, migraines, and a whole variety of negative emotions. The energy is powerful, very loving and non-judgmental. Ethel Lombardi was brilliant in bringing MariEL into experience.


I learned the MariEl from Ethel in 1986, this was the most profound experience of my entire life. I'm 73 now. If anyone wants to be truly healed of experiences of this lifetime, and any other, that are affecting them now, this is the most effective process on this planet. It truly comes from Mother Mary and Heaven.


My attunement in Oct 1987 with Ethel Lombardi was one of the three most powerful moments in my life. One cannot put into words the altered state this created.

I was sitting in a chair and she was working behind and over me. Ethel was a short redhead, about 5'-5'2".

The attunement energy was so powerful I turned to look at her to see if she was using any mechanical equipment? She wasn't and she also appeared as a reptilian to me.

Afterward, she told you to go outside, connect with the earth and hug a tree. I did! I was holding on for dear life as I thought that I would float away. I couldn't believe what had happened to me. --RGB

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