What is Magnetic Chalkboard Paint?

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Magnetic chalkboard paint is a great way to give kids a chance to decorate their walls with both magnets and chalk drawings. Children can create works of art on the surface where the magnetic chalkboard paint has been applied with chalk or play with magnetic toys without damaging the wall. It requires very little work to apply and nearly anyone with a foam roller can redo a room in a couple of hours.

Some manufacturers have both the magnetic primer and the chalkboard paint in a single paint, allowing you to decorate with just one coat. Other manufacturers advise using a magnetic primer followed by chalkboard paint. There is some advantage to the latter method as it allows you to use any color of chalkboard paint available. Most single applications come in black only.

Always check with the manufacturer before applying magnetic chalkboard paint, whether you use a two step process or a one step process. However, it should be similar to applying any other type of paint, with one exception. Magnetic chalkboard paint should be applied with a foam roller and foam brush. This is to ensure a smooth surface. Be careful not to paint over already painted areas as this can pull existing paint off the wall and create a textured look.


Due to the darkness of magnetic chalkboard paint you may not want to use it all the way up the wall. Instead choose a small area or paint the bottom half. However you don’t have to stop at the bedroom wall. You can paint a cabinet in your kitchen as a message board for the family. You can also paint a table top, turning it into a game table for everything from magnetic checkers and magnetic dolls to a chalk art table.

In general, magnetic chalkboard paint is considered safe for children. It is a latex water based paint. The magnetic primer is not really magnetic, but metallic, and is considered as safe as any other metal item in your house. Be sure to invest in quality paint as some magnetic chalkboard paint is harder to clean than others. If you are not able to find magnetic chalkboard paint in your area, you can always purchase a magnetic additive to any paint, including chalkboard paint.


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We just brought the light grey color of the Candy Magnetic paint from Candy paint Malaysia. They are in light grey so we cover with white color chalkboard paint on top.

Black colored magnetic paint is difficult to cover with a light color.

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I remember that I first heard about this when I was about 13, and I desperately wanted to use it in my room. At the time I heard you could even coat it in a normal coat of paint afterwards, though I'm not sure if you can for every kind. It was very expensive at the time, and so I have had to stick to magnetic whiteboards for my wall-doodling needs.

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