What Is Low-Fat Cheesecake?

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Low-fat cheesecake is a dessert that is made with low-fat or reduced-fat cream cheese. Reduced-fat sour cream is occasionally used for making low-fat cheesecake as well. Due to the low fat content in the cream cheese, low-fat cheesecake will also be lower in calories than traditional cheesecake, and lower in cholesterol as well. This type of cake typically has a rich and creamy consistency, and is often made with a graham cracker crust. Low-fat cheesecake may also be topped with fruit, such as cherries.

Several other ingredients may be added to a low-fat cheesecake recipe. Most commonly, eggs will be used for making any variety of cheesecake. Vanilla extract added to the cheesecake mixture will give it a nice flavor, and sugar will add sweetness to the cake. Although most traditional recipes call for low-fat cheesecake to be baked in an oven, there is a non-bake variation as well. Some people prefer to bake low-fat cheesecake in a microwave, and this method generally takes less than ten minutes to bake.

Many variations of low-fat or reduced-fat cheesecake exist, and a popular treat for children is an Oreo™ cookie cheesecake made with non-fat cream cheese. This recipe calls for pieces of Oreo™ sandwich cookies to be crumbled into small bite-sized pieces and added to the cheesecake mixture. The cookie cheesecake is often served with a dollop of reduced fat whipped cream.


Another variation includes low-fat pineapple cheesecake. This can be made with fresh pineapple pieces that have been cubed or cut into chunks. Alternately, canned crushed pineapple that has drained may be used for this cheesecake recipe.

Cherry cheesecake can also be made in a reduced-fat recipe. In addition to the traditional ingredients used for preparing low-fat cheesecake, a can of cherry pie filling will be poured over the top after the cheesecake has set. Alternately, a blueberry or raspberry low-fat variation can be made using canned blueberry or raspberry pie filling.

Many people prefer to make low-fat fruit cheesecake with fresh fruit. Fresh strawberries may be placed on top of the finished cheesecake, as well as around the sides. In addition, fresh blueberries, raspberries may also be added for a mixed berry cheesecake. Heavy cream needs to be omitted when preparing any type of low-fat or reduced-fat cheesecake. While it is common to use heavy cream in traditional cheesecake recipes, this ingredient tends to be high in fat.


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