What is Long-Lasting Lipstick?

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Long-lasting lipstick is a cosmetic that is intended to stay in place for long periods of time, usually from 12 to 18 hours. While most lipstick is easily smudged or removed by activities such as eating, drinking, and kissing, long-lasting lipstick is formulated to stand up even through such activities. This lipstick is usually sold in packaged with two tubes of cosmetic. The cosmetic that should be applied first is the one that is tinted. Once the lipstick has been applied and allowed to set, the second cosmetic, a clear gloss, is applied.

Lasting cosmetics are often quite useful for theatrical makeup and makeup used on film sets. This is because the makeup will last even if the actor or actress spends hours under hot stage lights or has to film a scene that takes place in the rain. These kinds of cosmetics are also useful in daily life for women who prefer not to have to re-apply their makeup.


This kind of lipstick comes in an array of colors just like other, more common types of lipstick. Unlike other types of lip cosmetic, however, long-lasting lipstick is almost always completely opaque and rarely comes in sheer varieties. lt is a useful cosmetic for a number of reasons. First of all, it is unlikely to come off on clothing, creating accidental stains. Also, it will not transfer onto the skin of another person during kissing, which is a benefit for women whose partners prefer not to get lipstick prints all over their faces.

One of the drawbacks to long-lasting lipstick is that it can be difficult to remove. Sometimes it will even remain on the lips overnight. Most kinds of long-lasting lipstick will dissolve when treated with oil. This means that sometimes, while eating oily foods, the lipstick will come off. In order to remove the lipstick, one can use an oil-based cosmetic remover or simply a cotton ball that has been dampened with jojoba oil or olive oil.

Long-lasting lipstick does not re-apply well. If there is already one coat of the lipstick on the lips, another coat layered on top may create an uneven or caked-on look. For this reason, if the first layer begins to wear off, it is best to completely remove it before applying another layer. One of the best ways to make sure that the first layer does not begin to wear off is to maintain a layer of clear gloss on top of it. This will protect the first layer and keep it intact.


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