What is Liposomal Vitamin C?

Liposomal vitamin C is vitamin C that is encapsulated by synthetic vesicles known as liposomes. Fusing vitamin C with liposomes facilitates the body’s absorption of the supplement and allows a higher concentration of it to be distributed into cells and the bloodstream than traditional vitamin C pills or drops do. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that fortifies the immune system and boosts the body’s metabolism. Liposomes aid in the release of medicinal and therapeutic drugs into the body by inhibiting the digestion of such medications. Rather than portions of the medicine being expelled out of the body as waste, a greater proportion reaches the sections of the body that the medicine was designed to treat.

Using liposomal vitamin C as opposed to traditional vitamin C has several benefits. The liposomal coating allows vitamin C to dissolve into the lining of the stomach rather than entering the digestive tract. After it is in the bloodstream, the special liposome layer continues to work by penetrating the cell wall and delivering the vitamin C directly to the cell. As a result, more vitamin C is absorbed into the body than through traditional means of administration.

Conventional pills and liquid drops allow approximately 19 percent of a 1,000-milligram serving of vitamin C to enter the bloodstream. Liposomal vitamin C allows for 93 percent of a 1,000-milligram dose of vitamin C to enter the bloodstream. The more vitamin C infused into the body, the more nourishment it has to draw from.

Of all the vitamin C products available on the market, liposomal vitamin C provides one of the better means for increasing vitamin C intake. The increased presence of vitamin C will allow the body to produce more dopamine and epinephrine. These chemicals, created by the body, aid in the reduction of stress and fatigue. Another one of the benefits of liposomal vitamin C is the stimulation of white blood cells. Consequently, the body will be better suited to ward off infections and diseases because white blood cells are the part of the immune system that responds to deleterious viruses and bacteria.

Despite several characteristics that improve bodily function and general health, there are some warnings about liposomal vitamin C that should be heeded. Vitamin C is not meant to be stored in the body. It is usually processed out of the system in four or five hours. Therefore, if 2,000 milligrams or more are consumed, the body will not be able to flush the vitamin C out as quickly, and severe diarrhea can result.

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Toxin overload is the main causative factor in disease. Vitamin C renders all toxin it comes in contact with harmless. There are other ways to fight toxins, but Vitamin C is a simple remedy. Our diet is filled with toxic substances, and our modern dental work is a toxin factory. We live in a toxin filled world. Take no chances, and take personal responsibility for your health. Google is your friend.

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I've always heard that you are supposed to take iron supplements with vitamin C as it can help you to absorb the iron. I guess the idea meal for getting those vitamins would be one with steak and vegetables then, since you'd get fat, natural vitamin C and iron all in one go and they would all be helping each other to get absorbed properly in the gut.

Personally, I'd rather try to compose meals that allow you to get all the vitamins and minerals you need through food, instead of trying to do it with pills and powders.

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@clintflint - Well, there is some research that large amounts of vitamin C can help with certain conditions, but I agree that the average person doesn't need it.

Although it might cause diarrhea, taking large amounts of vitamin C won't do long term harm like taking overdoses of other kinds of vitamins or minerals might (iron for example).

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You really have to research this kind of thing quite a bit. Because I know recently there's been a fad of people thinking that the more vitamin C you take, the better and they take what they call "mega doses" of vitamin C, thinking that it will make them feel really good.

And if you just do a casual search for information about vitamin C that's definitely going to come up, with no warnings about how the body doesn't really handle large amounts of vitamin C all that well.

People need to learn that the only real way to feel good most of the time is to exercise and eat properly. There is no magic pill or vitamin that will make you feel incredible if you don't do those two things.

And there is so much vitamin C in ordinary fruits and vegetables, if you are eating well, you shouldn't need to take a supplement.

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