What is Lip Therapy?

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Lip therapy refers to various exercises meant to strengthen the mouth and throat area. Often, people that have swallowing problems are required to perform a series of lip exercises, since the lips largely impact the mouth, pharynx, and larynx. When the muscles in the lips, mouth, larynx, and pharynx work together, they create the smooth movement that is known as swallowing.

In addition to helping those who have throat issues, lip therapy may also help to tighten facial muscles. Some people practice these exercises in order to gain fuller lips, while others complete a different set of exercises in order todecrease the size of lips that may be considered too full. Essentially, lip therapy consists of repetitive exercises that are meant to strengthen the lips, though these exercises vary from method to method.

These exercises should be performed every day for at least twenty minutes per day. You can find various lip therapy methods on the Internet, though it is recommended that you speak with your doctor prior to beginning any exercise routine. On occasion, a dentist or medical doctor may prescribe lip therapy exercises to children that have a hard time controlling their lips.


In this instance, special strings and weights are used to strengthen the lip area. In addition, various lip therapy specialists exist to help patients with proper lip exercise techniques. Whether or not these exercises will help to strengthen the facial area is debatable, though there is some grounded knowledge behind the notion that lip and face exercises slow down the aging process.

The human face is made up of many different muscles. As time progresses, these muscles lose their strength causing weakness. Once lack of muscle strength has set in, it is difficult to rectify this damage. This is precisely why proponent of lip therapy believe that these exercises work wonders. Through various motions, facial muscles are effectively activated. Thus, the reasoning behind these exercises is that the more a person strengthens his or her facial muscles, the stronger those muscles will become.

Those who do not agree with facial exercises argue that additional facial movements will only lead to deeper lines and wrinkles. This notion is based upon the fact that excessive frowning and smiling seems to increase lines and wrinkles. Clearly, there are two sides to exercising one's face, though neither side has yet to be proven correct. In the end, facial exercises that have been prescribed for a medical condition are worthwhile.


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