What is Lip Shine?

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Lip shine, also called lip gloss, is a cosmetic that is placed on the lips to make them appear wet and very shiny. Lip shine comes in a variety of tints and colors and even comes in a clear formula. Many people feel that adding shine makes their lips appear fuller and more attractive. Teenagers love lip gloss because of its sweet smell and taste.

A variety of packages are used for lip gloss. Some manufacturers provide a long, slender tube with an applicator sponge attached to the inside of the handle. Others contain the gloss in a squeezable tube with a slanted edge for easy lip application. Some companies place their lip shine in little covered pots that are made for finger application. There also are lip shines that more closely resemble lipstick and have a similar twist-up tube.

Lip shine can be found in a variety of colors and tints. A colored lip shine covers the lips in a deep color while still providing that wet look. Tinted lip gloss provides just a touch of sheer color, which is very subtle on the lips. A clear gloss also is popular because it can be worn alone or over the wearer's favorite lipstick. The rule of thumb is that a lip shine that is sheer or clear is geared for casual occasions, and a lipstick or colored lip gloss is suited for more formal occasions.


Shiny lip gloss is popular with teenage and younger girls, and it often is their first step into the realm of cosmetics. Manufacturers are aware of this and often add the sweet scents and flavors of various fruits and candy to lip gloss, making it more appealing to this age group. Some lip shine products even come specially formulated to make teeth look whiter and keep breath smelling fresher.

Many women who want full and plump lips head to the doctor’s office to achieve that look. Lip gloss can be used to enhance the fullness of a woman’s lips without having to undergo lip augmentation. A woman could use a lip liner pencil around the outside edges of the lip, then apply a complementing lipstick color, then dab on sheer or clear lip shine in the center of the bottom lip. This trick makes the lips appear fuller and plumper without invasive surgeries.


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