What Is Lifeflow™ Meditation?

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Lifeflow™ Meditation is a commercial product comprising synthesized music that is advertised as a way of helping listeners achieve a deep meditative state. The creators of the Lifeflow™ Meditation system say the audio tracks have been specially designed to include wave forms that are beneficial to the mind and body. The ultimate results of performing Lifeflow™ Meditation are said to be relaxation, reduction in anxiety, release of anti-aging hormones, and overall better health. The meditation process involves simply listening to the music and does not require any associative physical movements. The system is designed to have an effect on the body after only eight minutes of listening.

The Lifeflow™ Meditation system follows the concept that, by using a set of three wave forms, the brain can be stimulated and subsequently synchronized with the sounds. The idea is known as entrainment or frequency following. This process is described as the tendency of the brain to adjust its own electroencephalogram (EEG) frequencies in response to some type of external stimulus.

The three types of wave forms generated by the music are known as monaural, binaural and isochronic. It is said that, by listening to these three types of sounds in tandem, a person's brain will begin to release serotonin and human growth hormones (HGH). This would then create a sense of calm and happiness while also slowing the aging process.


The Lifeflow™ Meditation system grades the different occurrences and intensities of the wave forms on a scale from one to 10. Listeners are told to begin with the Level 10 tracks and work their way down slowly to the Level 1 tracks. Each lower-rated audio track is supposed to affect a deeper level of the brain.

Lifeflow™ Meditation advertises its use over time will allow the brain synchronization to restructure the neural pathways. This is said to result in better memory, higher intelligence, higher intuition and lower stress. The program also says it will change the way a listener sees the world as a whole.

Lifeflow™ does not require that any physical action be taken while listening to the music. It also does not espouse any particular religious or philosophical belief system. The system does resemble, in some minor ways, other meditation practices that use an aural focus such as beating drums or repeated mantras.


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