What is Legal Case Management?

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Legal case management pertains to the processes, technologies, and methods used to manage a litigation and non-litigation from beginning to end. The major components of a legal case management system are data collection, contacts, and storage of case-related documents. It also includes administrative tasks as well as legal tasks that must be performed in order to complete legal matters. Corporations, small business owners, and other organizations invest in people and technology to oversee the flow of documents and deadlines associated with handling legal matters. The management of cases also includes storage of case files and miscellaneous documents either on site, on software installed on the desktop, or through a web service.

Many lawsuits consist of numerous documents that are submitted to the court; shared with opposing parties, experts, and witnesses; and used by lawyers to prepare for cases. Some of these documents include motions, trial transcripts, and evidence. When a case is submitted, it also often triggers a series of deadlines that all parties must adhere to until a final decision is made and the court issues a judgment. Effective law practice management often requires a legal case management system to meet the deadlines as well as to store and retain relevant documents. State laws may also require that the documents and records of the case be maintained for a certain period of time before they can be destroyed.


Companies with legal departments also use legal case management software and systems to maintain and manage cases. Some companies hire employees to manage cases without the use of software or in addition to using it. For example, insurance companies use it to track claims submitted and manage support documents and applications related to the claims, and they often need the help of individuals to input data into case management software. Corporations use legal case management for organizing internal and external documents related to their business activities. These documents may include corporate bylaws, articles of incorporation, and annual corporate filing documents.

Courts also use legal case management systems to manage court cases. Some courts use digital case management systems to collect and store case information, files, and data for each case filed with the court. It’s one way that courts can make court data available online, except for records that must be kept confidential due to the type of case or nature of the documents.


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