What Is Lamington National Park?

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Lamington National Park is located near the western coast of Australia. It was originally inhabited by a native tribe, but European settlers began logging the area in the 19th century. At the end of this century, however, laws were passed that protected this area and established it as one of the Australia National Parks. Visitors to this park can enjoy hiking and camping, all while taking in the exquisite scenery.

Located in Queensland, Australia, Lamington National Park is just a short distance away from the Gold Coast. It sits atop the Lamington Plateau, which is on the border of Queensland and New South Wales. This plateau is part of what is known as the Scenic Rim, a group of mountain ranges on this continent.

Scientist believe that the topography of this area was created millions of years ago. Two volcanoes in the area, Tweed Shield and Focal Peak, are believed to have erupted, creating several interesting landforms. Volcanic rocks can be seen all over the park.

The Native people of Australian, known as Australian Aborigines, are believed to be the first inhabitants of what is now known as Lamington National Park. The Birinburra, Kombumerri, Migunberri, and Wangerriburra tribes were most abundant in this area. By the 1800s, however, European settlers had begun to take over, making it harder for the native people to hold on to their way of life and their land.


Loggers began mining timber from the Lamington National Park area in the 1800s. Around 1890, however, an explorer and one of the founders of the Australia national parks system, Robert Martin Collins, began to petition parliament for the area to be protected. In 1906, an act was passed to do this, but Lamington national Park was not officially established until 1915.

When visiting Lamington National Park, tourists will find lush subtropical rainforests and diverse wildlife. Bush walking, which is the Australian term for hiking, is a popular activity for most of the visitors to this park. Maps of the park's trails can be picked up at the information center upon arrival. Many of these trails are clearly marked and suitable for nearly everyone. Camping is also allowed in the park, but only for those who arrange to obtain a permit.

One of the most popular attractions in Lamington National Park is the canopy walk. Hikers have the option to climb into the treetops and walk along several suspension bridges that run from tree to tree. The observation decks in the canopy offer breathtaking views.

Several species of animals and plants also inhabit this area, including a variety of snakes, such as the carpet python. Lamington National Park is also home to several animals and plants that can only be found in this area, including the blue Lamington crayfish and the Lamington peach myrtle. The eastern underground orchid, which is an unusual orchid species that grows underground, can also be found here.


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