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Lactium® is a stress relief product developed by Ingredia Nutritional, a division of Ingredia S.A., a company that develops, markets, and distributes food ingredients. This product is derived from milk, reflecting the fact that Ingredia Nutritional tends to focus on applications for dairy and dairy-based products. It is available in a wide variety of formats including tablets, drinks, and fortified foods made by Ingredia and other companies.

This product can be labeled as milk protein hydrolysate or casein hydrolysate, and is made by processing proteins found in milk. During the processing used to produce Lactium®, most of the lactose is removed and this product is considered lactose-free because lactose is present in such small concentrations. This makes it safe for use among most people who have difficulty digesting lactose and low incidences of allergic reaction and other problems have been reported in people who use this product.

Lactium® is an example of a functional food, a food that is designed to provide health benefits in addition to basic nutrients. Labeling laws and standards about functional foods vary around the world. These foods can be sold over the counter and used by anyone, although regulatory agencies may limit the types of claims that can be made about them. Companies that do want to make health claims may be required to submit documentation showing the grounds for those claims so that regulators can review them and regulators can limit the claims made on labeling and promotional materials.


According to Ingredia Nutritional, Lactium® can provide relief from stress and may be taken as a regular dietary supplement or as needed for specific stress issues. In addition to being used to treat stress, it can also be used in the management of some types of sleep disorders. Cow's milk proteins like Lactium® have historical uses in bodybuilding and are generally recognized as safe for use in most people. The benefits provided by such functional foods are variable, depending on the product and how it is used.

Consumers should be advised that many of the studies supporting claims about Lactium® have been sponsored by Ingredia or other members of the dairy industry. When evaluating scientific studies, it is advisable to look for potential conflicts of interest like sources of sponsorship in addition to examining the study methodology.


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