What is L-Arginine Cream?

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L-arginine cream is a substance used primarily to enhance libido in females. The amino acid L-arginine has been shown to increase blood flow to tissues in the body and is a major factor in building proteins used by various cells and organs. Increased blood flow can help with sexual arousal, especially in those with a lagging sex drive. Newer uses for L-arginine cream involve increasing blood flow to the feet of those with diabetes.

Most forms of L-arginine cream meant for increased sexual arousal are applied directly to the clitoris. During naturally induced arousal more blood goes to the sex organs. For a woman, the primary organ responsible for arousal is the clitoris, which is packed with nerve endings. Those with sexual dysfunction may not get this rush of blood naturally, but using topical cream can cause increased flow through artificial means.

There are also more recent studies showing that L-arginine cream may be beneficial to diabetics by causing more blood flow to enter the lower extremities. Poor circulation is a problem for many people living with diabetes, and it can lead to painful and potential life threatening conditions like ulcers and blood clots. Much in the same way it works for increasing sexual function, L-arginine cream returns blood circulation in the feet to normal.


More studies are needed to fully determine if the use of L-arginine is useful in preventing ulcers in diabetics or in helping existing ones to heal faster and with fewer complications. Results may be increased if patients also use other preventative measures, such as wearing clothes and shoes that fit and avoiding factors which inhibit proper circulation, such as smoking.

As with any supplement or medication, it is important to discuss the use of L-arginine with a doctor or pharmacist before use. Side effects are uncommon when using the cream version of L-arginine, although oral supplements can occasionally cause diarrhea and stomach pain. If sexual arousal continues for extended periods of time, a doctor should be notified and use of the cream should be discontinued until further notice from a medical professional.


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Post 4

Both my wife and I use l-arginine for sexual arousal and enhancement. It works for us. It's similar to over-the-counter arousal creams and lubricants. It actually feels the same but I think it works a little better. Results may be subjective though, I've seen reviews where people claimed that it didn't work for them at all.

I don't recommend buying l-arginine cream that's specifically labeled for arousal. There is basically no difference between those creams and other l-arginine creams. The "arousal" creams just cost a lot more. So you will be paying extra for no reason. It's a good idea to read the ingredients list and make sure that there aren't any additives that one may have sensitivity or allergies to. I always check these types of products on my hand first to make sure that it's not going to irritate me.

Post 3

@donasmrs-- I use l-arginine gel on my legs, I also have diabetes. I have definitely seen an improvement since I started using this gel. The numbness in my legs have decreased. It's definitely worth a try.

I should let you know that most l-arginine creams and gels are multi-purpose. You can use it on your legs and feet or sexual organs for increased blood flow. So don't be surprised if you see comments and reviews about both uses about l-arginine cream. You can use the same product for your diabetic neuropathy.

Post 2

I have diabetes and I want to try l-arginine cream for circulation problems in my legs and feet. I actually wanted to take l-arginine oral supplements but I read that diabetics should be careful with l-arginine supplements because they sometimes raise blood sugar. So I think it will be safer to use the cream.

Has anyone here tried l-arginine cream for diabetic neuropathy?

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