What is Kyle XY?

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Kyle XY is an American television series from the ABC Family Network. It first aired on 26 June 2006 featuring 10 episodes. The debut episode was ABC Family's highest rated premiere for an original series. A second season was commissioned following its initial success. The second season, now full-length and with 23 episodes, started airing on 11 June 2007.

Kyle XY follows the story of Kyle, a teen-age boy of indeterminate age who wakes up lost and naked in the forests of Seattle. He stumbles into a nearby town and is taken by the police. When questioned, it is discovered that Kyle has no memories of any previous events in his life. In fact, he has no memory of anything and must learn everything like a newborn. He is taught to eat, drink, and communicate as if for the first time. Unfortunately, no records can be found to match his description in any of the police databases.

Eventually, Nicole Trager, a therapist, decides to take Kyle out of the children's home where he has been living, and bring him to her own home. This is the jumping point of the series. Kyle XY begins to follow the developments between Kyle and his adopted family as they begin to search for clues to his past.


Fans of the series applaud its inventive use of science fiction, as well as its ability to address real teen-age issues, such as premarital sex, alcohol, and relationships. They also note that while Kyle XY is not scared to get its hands dirty with episodes dealing with the seamier side of teen-age life, it also makes it a point to put the parental figures at the forefront of each story.

Kyle XY stars Matt Dallas in the title role. The Trager family members are played by Bruce Thomas as Stephen Trager, Marguerite MacIntyre as Nicole Trager, Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Josh Trager, and April Matson as Lori Trager. Chris Olivero plays Declan McDunaugh, Kyle's best friend. Jaimie Alexander is a new addition to the cast and plays Jessi or Jessi XX, Kyle's female counterpart. Her role in Kyle's life will be further explored in later episodes of the second season.


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