What Is Involved in Organizational Leadership Training?

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Organizational leadership training prepares students and employees for careers in different business fields such as business management or human resources. Several universities and colleges offer both bachelor's and master's degrees in organizational leadership. Some employers may also offer organizational leadership training for their employees. This training teaches the student or employee the fundamentals behind managing a business such as a corporation, non-profit group, or government agency.

Obtaining a bachelor's degree generally takes four years of full time study. Students must complete several core courses that cover a variety of basic subjects such as math, English, history, and science. After completing the core coursework, students focus on organizational leadership training.

Courses in organizational leadership training cover different aspects of business management and human resources. For example, students learn different management techniques, how to organize workloads, and how to set business goals. In studying human resources, students will learn how to address employees, the legalities behind hiring and terminations, and how to resolve conflicts.


Students who wish to pursue a master's degree must complete an additional two to three years of organizational leadership training courses at their chosen university. Courses at this level have a more narrow focus. For example, while a student learns basic business communication at the bachelor's level, he or she must take advanced courses on employee and employer communications at the master's level. A master's degree is not required by many employers, but does show that a candidate has several years of organizational leadership training, and may improve the candidate's chances of obtaining a job.

Some employers offer an organizational leadership training program for employees who wish to further their careers and enter into the management side of the business. When offered by an employer, organizational leadership training can vary from company-produced training programs that last two or more weeks, to mentor programs that last several months. Employer-based training programs often cover the most important aspects of organizational leadership but also focus on the specifics of the company rather than leadership on a larger scale.

Employees who complete this training learn about the leadership styles at their company, how to manage employees, and how to organize a workload. Once completed, employees often receive a certificate showing their completion of the training program. Having this certificate may help the employee to receive internal promotions.


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