What Is Involved in Organizational Leadership Development?

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Organizational leadership development refers to the process of combining the development of leadership attributes in connection with the development of an organization. That is to say that it explores the relationship of organizational leadership attributes in the context of the application of such qualities to the development of the organization. Therefore, organizational leadership development involves the ways in which leadership qualities like innovation, coordination, planning, ethics and other related factors are linked to organizational development.

One of the applications of organizational leadership development is in the way the organizational leader applies ethical standards toward the development of the organization. These ethical standards include aspects like the sort of organizational culture the leader promotes within the organization, the sort relationship the leader encourages with the consumers of the organization’s product, or the customers and clients that patronize the organization’s services. The application of ethics in organizational leadership development also applies to the manner in which the leader relates with other organizational leaders and employees, including suppliers and contractors.

Another area of organizational leadership development is the innovative qualities of the leader, the use of foresight, and the use of strategic visionary leadership to carry the organization forward. In this sense, the leader is able to forecast or even start trends in the industry as a result of dedicated and effective business strategies. Such a leader is able to take a proactive stance toward the development and effective application of policies and standards that will serve as a standard for other organizations within the same industry to use as a defining benchmark for excellence.

A good leader is able to apply the principle of effective communication both within and outside the organization. This type of communication might include the manner in which the leader relates with subordinates as well as the manner in which the leader listens to and applies the wishes of the employees. To fully implement an atmosphere of cordiality, the leadership must have a channel of open communication between the management and the lower employees within the organization, which may be done through a fully functional and effective human resource department. In an organization where employees feel that their feelings and welfare matter, they are usually more productive as a response to their feeling of inclusiveness. For this reason, organizational leadership development is geared toward the harnessing of leadership qualities for the good of the organization.

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