What Is Involved in Network Administrator Training?

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Network administrator training encompasses four fundamental areas that are critical to the success of an administrator. The first area of training consists of learning the skills needed to install and troubleshoot networking equipment. After mastering the hardware aspects of computer networking, aspiring administrators will then need to learn the fundamental principles of computer networking. This area of network administrator training will prepare individuals for the rigors surrounding configuring and securing computer networks. In addition to the fundamental principles, network administrator training also entails training that is designed to prepare a candidate for various networking certifications and specific computer networking technologies.

The first area of network administrator training revolves around computer support. A network administrator is responsible for troubleshooting any issues that might plague a computer network. To successfully fulfill these duties, many network administrator training programs focus on educating candidates on the skills that are needed to install and troubleshoot networking hardware. Upon acquiring these skills, aspiring administrators can gain networking experience by operating as computer network technicians.


After obtaining the skills needed to install computer networking equipment, many training programs will begin to educate students on the fundamental principles of networking. These principles focus on various vendor-neutral networking technologies revolving around the installation and configuration of computer networks, as well as the skills needed to secure and properly manage a computer network. This is the stage of training in which a person has acquired the necessary skills to become a network administrator but might still need to obtain real-world experience before being able to become a network administrator.

To compete in the technology industry, many aspiring network administrators acquire various networking certifications to stand out from the competition. Many network administrator training programs specialize in preparing aspiring network administrators for a variety of certification examinations. Individuals who are new to the computer industry generally will pursue entry-level computer networking certifications. After acquiring this level of certification, it might be possible for aspiring network administrators to obtain positions as junior network administrators.

After an administrator acquires real-world experience, he or she typically will pursue a vendor-specific computer networking certification. There are numerous network administrator training programs that focus extensively on specific computer networking technologies. Administrators who acquire this level of certification will have the skills that are often in demand, which will help them acquire higher-paying positions.


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