What Is Involved in Grammar Training?

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The process of grammar training can involve a number of different types of training, learning, and practice depending on what aspect of grammar is being taught. Parts of speech, for example, are often taught through extensive practice with techniques such as sentence diagramming to better identify and understand the parts of speech. Spelling and vocabulary are often learned through repetition and practice, often with a focus on a particular set of words at a given time. More formal grammar training, especially at a college level, can include understanding the importance of grammar as a function of communication and different types of grammatical study.

Grammar training usually refers to the process by which a person learns about various aspects of grammar. The term “grammar” refers to the rules by which a language is used and constructed, such as how verbs can be properly conjugated, the different parts of speech and their arrangements in a sentence, and even spelling and punctuation. Parts of speech, as an example, are often learned through grammar training in which the focus may be on practice and repetition through the use of multiple examples. Students often learn about verbs, nouns, adjectives, and other parts of speech, and then apply what they have learned to sample problems and test questions.


Spelling and vocabulary can also be learned through somewhat similar grammar training, with a focus on repetition and practice. While some classes may simply have students write out lists of words to practice proper spelling, it can often be more useful for such practice to have a context. This is why many teachers test students by having them spell the word properly within a sentence, demonstrating proper spelling and understanding of the meaning of the word. Such grammar training often incorporates different lessons together, so a teacher might say a word aloud, and then students must spell the word properly, indicate what part of speech it belongs to, and use it accurately within an original sentence.

Grammar training that occurs at a college or university often goes beyond these basic aspects of grammar and explores how language is constructed. This type of training frequently focuses on different branches of grammatical research and study, such as prescriptive and descriptive grammar. Prescriptive grammar examines the rules of language and how language changes over time, while descriptive grammar focuses on how people talk and the way in which grammar is used for communication. This type of grammar training often focuses on research performed by grammarians, and helps students learn how such research is conducted for future efforts in understanding grammar.


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