What Is Involved in Executive Outplacement?

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In executive outplacement, executive-level employees are provided with career guidance, coaching, and other types of assistance in finding a new job after they have been laid off from employment. The services provided by an outplacement firm vary by the firm's philosophy and resources, the types of services paid for by either a corporate or individual client, and the specific needs of the client. Typically, executive outplacement will begin with a review of the employee's resume, and the employee may be provided with workshops and training in job searching skills, access to supportive services such as the production of cover letters, and ongoing job coaching. The length of time that a laid-off employee may participate in executive outplacement program varies significantly and depends on the ability of the laid-off executive to find new employment as well as terms of the contract between the outplacement service and the client or the client's former employer.

There are situations in business where it is in the company's best interest to terminate the employment of one or more workers. Many of these businesses, however, recognize the importance of acknowledging the contributions made by these employees by providing them with assistance in finding new work. As such, these companies may include executive outplacement services in an employee severance package. Many firms specialize in providing these services and may offer many different types of job search and placement assistance. In some cases, it is possible for an employer to select the types of services that will be available to terminated employees. The selection is usually based on the budget sent by the terminating employer.

One common aspect of executive outplacement services is the availability of a job coach to terminated employees. Ideally, the job coach is someone who is familiar with vocational counseling and business hiring practices who can advise his or her client on good job strategies as well as potential difficulties that he or she may have in finding a new job. In some cases, the job coach may provide his or her clients with the opportunity to engage in practice interviews that can help the client feel more comfortable during the interview process. These interviews also allow a job coach to observe his or her client's behavior and mannerisms so that the coach can provide constructive feedback to the client. Other services that may be offered include group networking meetings that allow job seekers to offer each other support, feedback, and potential job leads as well as online and classroom training in job search techniques.

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