What is Involved in Designing a Training Program?

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The first and most important step in designing a training program for a business or company is to determine what it is that you need to teach, and to understand the subject matter thoroughly enough that you can teach it effectively. Organization is key when designing a training program: try to break down complex ideas into smaller chunks to make them easier to understand for trainees. Next, write an outline to ensure you cover all topics thoroughly. Once the outline stage of designing a training program is done, it is time to think about the presentation and how to make it effective and logical.

There is a very good chance that someone designing a training program will be tailoring that program to a specific group of people. It is important to know the audience well and consider their specific needs, learning styles, and so on. If possible, do some research to find out more about the group being trained and try to tailor the delivery methods to that group. If, for example, the training program is designed for corporate CEOs, the implementation of the delivery will be different than if the program is designed for recent high school graduates.


Handouts and media presentations are often part of designing a training program. When conducting such a program, the trainer will be dealing with people who have varied learning styles, from auditory to visual to kinesthetic, so it will be important to be prepared with as many teaching tools as possible. Presenting information verbally may work for some trainees, but others will need to see the information presented visually in the form of video or slideshow presentations, or simply through handouts. A trainer can be prepared by presenting the information in a logical manner through handouts and presentations that he or she can then go over verbally during the training session.

Practicing the training session is a very important step in designing a training program. This may involve simply reading through the materials to be presented, or it may involve doing a dry run of the entire presentation in front of a live audience. The practice session can ensure the information is being delivered in a logical order, in clear terms, and with learning tools that are clearly presented. If computer slideshows or other interactive media is being used, the practice session can help ensure that all the technology is being used properly and is in good working order.


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