What is International Student Insurance?

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International student insurance is a term used to describe several different types of insurance coverage that are sometimes bundled into a single package for the benefit of students who are studying abroad. Insurance plans of this type can include student health insurance that is appropriate for the nation in which the student is residing, along with additional coverage that includes travel insurance with component to aid with major medical emergencies that involve returning the student to his or her home country. Costs for international student insurance vary, depending on the range of coverage required by the insured party.

There are several different ways to secure international student insurance. In many cases, colleges and universities have made arrangements with insurance providers to offer plans directly to students. The costs for the plans are sometimes bundled into the tuition and fees assessed by the institution, if the student chooses to take out a plan offered through the university. It is also possible to purchase international student health plans directly from a number of insurance providers, with premiums paid on a monthly or quarterly basis. While both approaches are viable, it is usually a good idea to compare costs as well as the scope of benefits in order to determine which approach will offer the most protection for the international student.


While it is possible to buy international student insurance that includes a wide range of benefits, most will include basic health insurance with coverage for prescription medication. Insurance of this type makes it possible to see a physician when necessary and also helps to offset the cost of medication. Along with basic health coverage, many plans will include major medication benefits that help to cover costs should an illness require treatment in a hospital or other type of medical care facility. Some will even include travel benefits that may be used if the health issues call for transporting the student back to his or her home country for treatment.

When evaluating any international student insurance plan, it is important to look closely at each benefit provided within the terms and provisions of the policy. The idea is to make sure the coverage is adequate and that the plan can be fully accessed in the nation where the student is attending classes. This is important, since benefits that are readily available in one nation may be restricted or completely unavailable in another. For this reason, it is extremely important to choose a plan that offers the most comprehensive protection possible given the location of the university that the student has chosen.


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