What is Insurance Outsourcing?

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Insurance outsourcing is a common business practice of using offshore companies to handle key aspects of managing an insurance company in order to lower operational costs and improve efficiency. Although many insurance companies traditionally handle claims and other administrative processes in-house, there is an ongoing trend in the insurance industry to offset the costs of doing business by farming out some of the work to offshore service companies in countries where the cost of doing labor is lower and there are more professionals. This practice reduces costs for consumers of insurance policies and increases the speed in which claims can be processed.

Within the insurance market, there are a wide range of services that can be better managed through outsourcing. These services can include customer service and technical support, financial audits, policy administration and billing, data management and analysis and claims processing. While field insurance claims officers work with consumers in local regions, the processes that go on behind the scenes can be handled by outsourced firms in other localities, and in many cases, other countries.


In many companies, the use of insurance outsourcing is enhancing the ability both to serve customers and gain more credibility in the market. When the needs of customers are better met, those same consumers come back again and again for additional purchases and services. In addition, insurance outsourcing can improve the performance of field agents who have better access to the support and products needed to respond to request and manage insurance claims, for the benefit of consumers.

In the past several decades, there has been an increase across many industries, including the insurance sector, to outsource many business processes. Like many other industries, the insurance industry has seen the cost of doing business increase, causing many companies to lose business to lower priced competitors. This can seriously affect the bottom line of business; therefore, outsourcing becomes a necessity of maintaining an active business in an ever changing, highly competitive market.

The advent of the Internet and newly developed technology has made it easier than ever to conduct insurance outsourcing globally. Customers can be routed to call centers in other countries around the clock in order to get the service they need to handle insurance claims or ask questions. Financial transactions can be processed with lightning speed across a network of outsourced financial services companies.


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