What Is Instant Eyeshadow?

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Instant eyeshadow is a type of eye makeup applied via an applique strip instead of a makeup brush. Some brands also refer to instant eyeshadow as press-on eyeshadow. With instant eyeshadow, individuals can apply all of the latest color trends and styles, along with unique prints and patterns, right at home. The eyeshadow is applied by placing the applique over the eyelid and then peeling it back off. After a little additional blending with a finger or a brush, a professional look is achieved in a matter of seconds.

A major benefit of using instant eyeshadow is the fact that multiple colors can be added in one step, which makes this product great for achieving a smokey look around the eyes. This can save busy people a lot of time because they won't have to get out a makeup palette and individually apply different colors to each part of the eye. It's also an easy way to keep up with new makeup trends. Normally, each time a new trend emerges, new techniques must also be learned to achieve that look. With instant eyeshadow, it's as simple as purchasing a new kit, with nothing new to learn whatsoever.


Another benefit of instant eyeshadow is that it gives users the option of wearing styles and patterns that cannot be achieved with the application of regular eyeshadow. For example, instant eyeshadow appliques come in just about any color combinations, animal prints such as zebra or leopard, and patterns such as snowflakes or camouflage. They provide a simple method for applying professional eyeshadow looks at home without having to go to a cosmetic artist or paying a hefty fee. These eyeshadow kits come in many brands and can be purchased through local retailers that sell cosmetics, at malls, and online.

When applying instant eyeshadow, the first step is to place the applique strip over the eyelid, with the color side against the skin. The applique should be smoothed using a finger and held in place for a few seconds. After the color has had a chance to set in, the applique should be gently peeled away by starting from the inner corner of the eye and working outward. The applique is then set aside and a more professional appearance is created by using a finger or a brush to gently blend the colors together. Some kits also contain an optional setting powder that can be applied to help keep the color in place throughout the day.


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