What Is Induction Training?

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Many businesses use induction training as a program to prepare new employees, enabling businesses to be sure that their newly hired workers are receiving adequate and sufficient preparation to effectively fulfill job duties. Even new employees who have previous work-related experience need induction training to help them become comfortable and adapt to the exact kind of work they will be doing in their new position. A large number of businesses find that their worker productivity is higher from employees who have received sufficient training than those that have not. Effective induction training helps new employees to feel valued by providing them with basic organizational information which enables the workers to seamlessly integrate into their workplace.

There is a lot of information for new employees to take in when first being hired by a company. Not only do the workers have to learn their way around the workplace, but they also have to learn emergency procedures, terms and conditions of benefits packages, existing organizational hierarchies, and more. All of this information can be thoroughly and adequately covered through induction training. This type of training can be provided to any level employee within a company. Higher level employees with large responsibility loads usually require more extensive training than lower level employees.


To avoid new employees feeling uncomfortable and lost, induction training can be used to help employees to understand the basics of their new job. Through this type of training, a business will take the time to identify any previous work-related knowledge that a worker has, making the worker feel valued. Many businesses have found that induction training correlates with employee retention.

Performing learning style assessments on new employees is an excellent way to develop a training program that meets each worker’s learning preference. In addition to learning assessments, a feedback form is often provided throughout and at the end of induction training. This allows a business to see if its program is effective and where improvements need to be made.

Even though induction training provides employees with basic organizational information, the presentation must be well-planned. Each role within an organization needs its own induction training agenda. The quantity of information needed directs the length of the training program. Some organizations have week-long training processes, while others have training that last a month or longer.

Induction training programs are aimed at being enjoyable for the employees while still providing them with pertinent information. Workers who become bored in their training tend to lose interest in any information provided to them, which renders an induction training program to be unsuccessful. Slide presentations seem to be the most avoided method of providing information to employees that are in training.


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