What is Indoor-Outdoor Furniture?

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Indoor-outdoor furniture blends the style and design of indoor furniture with the practical durability and resistance to the elements of outdoor furniture. Ideal locations for indoor-outdoor furniture include covered or enclosed patios, gazebos, and sunrooms. There are several different styles of indoor-outdoor furniture to suit many different tastes. Indoor-outdoor furniture is designed to resist mold and moisture damage, but most indoor-outdoor furniture pieces will not hold up to exclusively outdoor use with constant exposure to the weather. The most popular types of indoor-outdoor furniture include wicker and teak, though metal pieces also exist.

If you are planning on exposing your furniture to the outdoors year round, you should avoid indoor-outdoor furniture sets and purchase exclusively outdoor patio furniture. In sunrooms or three-season rooms, indoor-outdoor furniture is very practical. Wicker style furniture is available in both indoor only and indoor-outdoor quality, so be sure thoroughly to investigate pieces before you buy. The best type of indoor-outdoor furniture pieces for durability purposes are those constructed of teak. Teak resists moisture well and will hold up if it is exposed to the elements.


Before you select indoor-outdoor furniture, be sure to consider the area where you will use it. If you have a fully enclosed patio or sunroom, nearly any type of furniture is suitable, but if your patio is only covered or screened in, your furniture will have to stand up to the effects of blowing rain and snow. The cost of many indoor-outdoor furniture sets comes close to other home furnishings, so your investment should suit your purposes.

Shop around and compare the quality of different indoor-outdoor furniture sets with individual pieces. This will give you an idea of the different styles available and which ones will best complete your indoor-outdoor living area. Also pay attention to the fabric used on any cushions or pillows. Some fabrics are made to resist mold and mildew from humidity and other sources of moisture, but many heavy upholstery fabrics do not. Unless your outdoor space has climate control, you might discover mold and mildew building up in the crevices of your cushions if they’re not designed for indoor-outdoor use.


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