What Is Included in an NGO Proposal?

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Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are usually created for specific purposes that are normally geared toward the achievement of stated aims and objectives. These NGOs usually depend on the goodwill, moral and financial support of individuals and corporations in order to carry out these functions. Proposals serve as a means for NGOs to inform others about their objectives and to solicit for support in either financial or other forms. As such, the facts that should be included in an NGO proposal encompasses all of the relevant information related to the structure of the NGO and other pertinent information regarding its activities.

The contents of the NGO proposal must be presented to the target recipients or audience in an orderly manner; as such, one of the first contents of the proposal should include a statement that summarizes the essence of the organization. It should also succinctly address the purpose of the proposal. Needless to say, this part of the proposal must be well thought out since it serves as a sort of brief, but important, analysis of the whole proposal. After this summary, the NGO proposal should include a statement of need that presents to the reader of the proposal the reason why the whole endeavor is a worthy undertaking. This part must also be convincing, because if the reader is not convinced as to the need for the proposed undertaking the proposal will not have the desired impact.


Logically, after the introduction, the next step will be to go into great detail about the entire project. In this portion of the NGO proposal, the NGO should really set down the salient points about the project as well as the information it wishes to convey to its target readers. The structure of this part of the proposal will be based on the intention behind the proposal. If the NGO proposal is for the sake of obtaining financial assistance from donors, then the NGO should really convince the prospective donors why this project is worthy of their donations. This information should include facts like the organizational structure of the NGO, along with its board of governors and their primary duties in the organization.

If the NGO has done anything notable in the past, it should mention this the project proposal. For instance, if the NGO is geared toward helping those with heart defects, the proposal should include information regarding instances of people who may have benefited from the assistance of the NGO. The last part that should be included in the NGO proposal is the conclusion, which is a listing of the important points that have been raised in the body of the proposal.


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