What is Image Editor Software?

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Image editor software is a computer program used for working with digital images. It sometimes is referred to as photo editing software or simply photo software, and one of the most common tasks performed with this type of program is the retouching of photos. Other things that can be accomplished with image editor software include resizing, cropping, colorizing, combining and altering digital images to create virtually any depiction of any photograph or scene imaginable. A digital images can be taken by a digital camera or can be created by scanning a print photo or illustration into a computer.

Web designers and developers, photographers and graphic artists are among the people who regularly work with image editor software. Some of the specific things that can be achieved include the removal of "red eye," a flaw commonly seen in photos, and the removal of lines and cracks seen in very old pictures. Image editor software can be employed to turn a black-and-white photo into one that is in full color or to modify characteristics such as hue, brightness and contrast. Digital images also can be rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise and can be flipped horizontally or vertically.


Many people consider one of the most fascinating things that image editor software can do to be creating what could be described as a kind of virtual reality. For example, a man who was photographed while sitting in a chair in his backyard can be made to appear to be sitting in a chair on the beaches of Hawaii. This can be accomplished because the software allows any number of images to be combined to create a new and false scene by permitting sections of one photo to be cut or copied and pasted into another photo. It isn't difficult to see how the power of technology can be used to create falsehood for any number of purposes.

There are many types of image editor software available, including freeware and open-source software. Adobe® Photoshop®, a closed-source commercial product, traditionally has been the most widely used image editor software. Some free and open-source image editor software closely mimics Photoshop® and can be a good alternative.


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What's the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop? A little program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). This one started in the Linux world and is bundles with most Linux distros. However, it is also available for Windows and Apple OS X.

The program is completely free and, while lacking in some areas compared to Photoshop, is an amazing piece of software. Hobbyists and professionals can both get great results from it and newcomers will be scaling photos, converting formats and doing a bunch of other Photoshop-like things in no time.

Check it out if you're not quite ready to buy Photoshop. You might like GIMP better.

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