What is Humic Acid?

Pamela Pleasant

Humic acid is made up a variety of acids, all of which come from decomposing organic materials. These materials include ocean water, coal, and soil. This does not produce one type of acid, but rather a combination of different acids. Humic acid can develop into many different acids, depending on the specific ingredients. In solid form, it is used as a soil enhancer or fertilizer. It can be put into a liquid form, which is then consumed as a nutritional supplement.

Humic acid can block viral infections, meaning it may be able to ease sexually transmitted diseases.
Humic acid can block viral infections, meaning it may be able to ease sexually transmitted diseases.

Dibasic acid is one type of acid that can be produced by humic acid. One molecule of this acid is neutralized by sulphuric acid and potassium hydroxide. These hydrogen ions create an acid-based reaction. Basic acid can have high energy activation because the molecules are more stable. The dibasic acid has two molecules to cling to, so energy activation slows down.

Humic acid may be used as a soil enhancer.
Humic acid may be used as a soil enhancer.

A tribasic acid can also be produced by humic acid. It is similar to a dibasic acid because it also has hydrogen ions that are activated by an acid-based reaction. The tribasic acid has three molecules to which it must cling. This acid is also water soluble.

Fulvic acid is another kind of humic acid, and because it is also water soluble, it can be used as a base in fertilizer. It has a relatively small molecular structure, so it can easily penetrate the soil. Used as a soil conditioner, it acts to hold in moisture. Fulvic acid can be much more potent when it is found in areas where fresh water was present. This is also true when it is found where green vegetation previously grew.

It is thought that humic acid has healing properties when used as a nutritional supplement. The molecular structure can bind heavy metal toxins and remove them from the body. Humic acid can also attack free radicals, which can prematurely age the skin or contribute to certain types of cancer. It can help to ease sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV-AIDS or herpes. This is because it can block viral infections.

This type of acid is thought to stop viral and bacterial infections from clinging to a cell. This can literally stop an infection from entering the cells or the body. It can also stop killer T cells that increase sugars within the body. Inflammation can also be eliminated by using humic acid. This is especially true for cervical inflammation that is caused by cervicitis.

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When humic acids are treated by alkline agents like sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide will turn into humic acid salts called humate, then reacted with strong acid like HCl or H2SO4,the final products is fulvic acid.

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