What is Human Trafficking?

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Human trafficking involves the sale of human beings. This activity occurs on the black market, as it is illegal in nearly all parts of the world. Humans can be trafficked or sold for a number of illegal or illicit purposes.

In many cases, human trafficking begins with the person or people who are sold being kidnapped. This is not always the case, as sometimes a prostitute will agree to be sold by her pimp as a result of fear, drug addiction, or other related reasons. Thus, although kidnapping is not always required, the person being trafficked will always be under the control of the individual engaging in the trafficking through some means.

Human trafficking commonly occurs across international borders. An individual may be coerced or tricked into believing that he is going to a new country for a job opportunity. Upon arriving at the new country, the individual may find that he is told he must pay his way for his passage through indentured servitude or forced slavery; this is often referred to as debt bondage. The individual is in a foreign country, and often too scared to try to escape from the situation.


Trafficking may also occur as a result of extreme poverty. Desperate parents may sell their children into slavery. Orphans and others who are unable to support themselves are also ready victims, who may be tricked into entering into forced slavery or prostitution in a desperate attempt to escape their circumstances.

The humans being trafficked are then sold by the individual on the black market, and are purchased for any number of reasons. An individual may be sold as a slave, and purchased to be used to conduct forced labor. A person may also be sold into prostitution or sexual slavery. This is common with prostitutes. Unfortunately, it also occurs with kidnapped children who may be sold into sexual slavery to pedophiles.

Human trafficking occurs worldwide. Source countries, where the humans being trafficked come from, tend to be poorer countries and/or countries without well-developed legal systems to prevent the kidnapping or coercion of citizens. The individuals are then taken from the source countries to destination countries where they are sold. Destination countries often include wealthier areas where people can afford to buy the trafficked individuals. The United States, parts of Europe, India, and Japan are all considered destination countries where buyers may purchase another human through human trafficking.


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