What is Human Resource Development?

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Most companies have standard polices and procedures for human resource management. Human resource development is the process of defining procedures that are used for monitoring and improving the skills of an organization's employees. This typically includes annual reviews, development plans, and promotion and incentive procedures.

There are only a few methods to motivate employees. These are monetary incentives, team companionship, personal goals, and fear of discipline. Human resource management creates a motivated team through management of career goals based on these motivating methods. Similar to parenthood, it typically includes a delicate balance of incentives and discipline.

A yearly performance review is an example of human resource development. This is an annual appraisal process that provides constructive feedback to the employee on his performance during the year. Most performance reviews are broken into three cycles, which are the definition phase, quarterly review, and annual appraisal.

Managing employees requires dedication and focus on employee growth and development. The definition phase of human resource development is the process of defining the goals for the upcoming year. This becomes a formal development action plan that can be used as a monitoring device. After these goals have been defined they are typically reviewed on a quarterly basis with a final performance review completed annually.


Most businesses outline steps for promotions and advancements within the company. The human resource development plan defines the road map for advancement within an organization. This typically includes education and experience requirements for specific jobs. Having a well-defined development plan can help retain employees.

Human resource development plans include disciplinary procedures that can be used for poor performance. Most organizations have standard procedures designed to remove employees with poor performance characteristics. This typically includes a process of verbal and written warnings, followed by formal removal procedures. Many large organizations give employees opportunities to improve performance before they are finally removed.

Many companies offer employees special training classes on an annual basis. An employee training curriculum is typically included in a human resource development program. This training program helps an employee become more efficient and knowledgeable about specific aspects of his field of work.

Corporate hiring processes are based on defined standards and procedures. This typically includes standard interviewing questions, testing procedures, and evaluation criteria. Human resource development typically includes the steps necessary to hire and retain employees.


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