What Is Holistic Skin Care?

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Holistic skin care includes the use of products and techniques that work with the body and nature to help create clear and healthy skin. Using organic skin care products derived from plant bases can be considered holistic, and these products include face and body washes, moisturizers and makeup. Techniques such as eating the correct nutrients and consuming a diet full of antioxidants and water are popular in holistic skin care regimens. It isn't uncommon for skin care products that use holistic ingredients to include food-based products, such as green tea and cacao butter.

Organic skin care products usually base their ingredients on holistic methods of skin care by including vegetable- and plant-based ingredients in their line. Many organic and holistic skin care products do not include artificial chemicals or preservatives, like parabens or sulfates, as these ingredients are not natural. Most holistic specialists agree that skin care should rely on the ingredients present in nature, such as oils and nutrients from plants. It is believed that everything placed on the skin can seep into the skin and enter the bloodstream, making the idea of holistic skin treatment popular in some circles for preventing chemical build-up in the body.


Holistic face and skin moisturizers often include some type of natural oil, such as olive or coconut oil, which provide lubrication to the skin and helps prevent dryness. Many holistic skin care ingredients are vegetable based, as it is believed that the body must work alongside nature to obtain healing benefits for the skin. Certain holistic skin care products include extracts of green tea or vitamin E rich foods, to ensure healthy antioxidant benefits. Natural antioxidants from foods are said to help fight wrinkles by combating free radicals created in the body.

A holistic skin care practitioner might ask an individual to not only apply food-based cosmetics on the body, but to eat a good diet to obtain healthy skin. Natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds, provide vitamins and antioxidants essential for building healthy collagen. Creating a healthy exercise program is said to be a natural skin care technique based on holistic principles, as it aids in improving oxygen and blood circulation to the skin. Working with the body's natural healing processes, through things like natural skin care products and a healthy diet, is a popular method of improving skin with holistic methods.


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