What is Helichrysum Oil?

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Helichrysum oil is a type of essential oil that is derived from the helichrysum plant. Even though the helichrysum is often thought of as a singular plant, there are actually hundreds of different helichrysum species in existence. Frequently, this oil is extracted from the strawflower, which is also known as the "everlasting" flower.

While helichrysum oil has just begun to become popular within North America, this essential oil has actually been used for centuries throughout Europe. The oil that comes from the strawflower plant is used for medicinal purposes. Many believe that this oil can help to alleviate lung-related ailments such as asthma, though the oil is also used to reduce swelling caused by inflammation. Also, helichrysum oil may be used to reduce pain caused by migraines.

Even though the helichrysum species originated in North Africa along with certain Mediterranean countries, these flowers are mostly grown throughout Italy, Spain, and France today. In order to extract helichrysum oil from the strawflower plant, a steaming process is used. By putting helichrysum flower through a unique steam extraction process, the oil from the flowers can be bottled and packaged.


Unlike many other essential oils, helichrysum oil is not considered harmful. This oil can often be used by people who have sensitive skin, and some believe that the oil is beneficial for children suffering from inflammation or headaches. More recently, the oil from the helichrysum plant has been used to soothe people who are suffering from depression, since it is known to have particularly calming properties. In fact, this oil has often been compared to chamomile, since both are believed to have soothing effects.

While helichrysum oil is popular throughout the world, it is also a costly oil. This is the main reason why oil derived from helichrysum flowers is not used in abundance. Still, this type of oil is incredibly popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders who seek ways to reduce inflammation caused by strenuous physical activity.

To purchase helichrysum flower oil, search for the oil at a local health food store. Alternately, this oil may be found on the Internet, though it is important to purchase only pure oil. Some manufacturers produce oil that is labeled "helichrysum," but may, in fact, be mixed with other essential oils. In order to gain the full medicinal benefits of the helichrysum plant, it is crucial that pure oil be purchased in lieu of mixed oil.


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Post 3

Helichrysum is one of the natural oils I bought from the organics store. It smells kind of like honey, sweet but not very strong. I had read about some of the benefits at the store but never got a chance to try it until one of my dogs had an accident. Both of my dogs are troublemakers and they end up getting hurt a lot running up and down the house. The other day, one of my dogs was chasing the other and tripped and fell down the stairs. She got up but started to limp. My dog usually doesn't react much to injuries but she was crying this time and I knew that she got hurt badly.


applied some ice on the leg first and then decided to try the helichrysum oil because I had read that it was good for injuries. If it's good for us, it must be good for animals too right? I applied it on her leg and made sure she didn't lick it until it absorbed. She slept for about half an hour and woke up and walked without a limp! I was going to take her to the vet if it didn't get better and it seemed to be pretty bad. But it was all better in just half an hour. I really think that helichrysum oil can heal injuries.
Post 2

I'm really interested in essential oils because I prefer using natural remedies rather than taking medications and pain relievers. Most of the essential oils I read about have aromatherapy benefits and some benefits for skin, but helichrysum is the only oil I've read about which has benefits for so many ailments.

It's good for colds and flu, rheumatism, sprains, aches and migraines. It's said that it is good for circulation and has benefits for high blood pressure.

I personally use it for its detox and pain relieving benefits. I include it in my bath water once a week. Sometimes I mix it with other oils like peppermint or bath salts like sea salt and Epsom salt in a

bucket of water and put my feet in it. I feel like it undoes the damage from wearing high heels all day. It also hydrates my skin and is a great way to rejuvenate after a tiring week. I'm sure that I'm benefiting from all of its other uses as well.
Post 1

I bought helichrysum oil during my pregnancy because I heard that it prevents stretch marks. My skin is not very flexible at all, I have stretch marks from even before my pregnancy and despite that, I didn't develop any new marks thanks to this oil.

We still have some left and my husband and I use it when we have a bruise or after bug bites. It's great for tired feet too! It is a bit expensive but you only need a little bit, so it will last you for some time. I bought mine about a year ago.

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