What Is Health Kinesiology™?

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Health kinesiology™ is a holistic treatment that seeks to balance the body’s vital energy by testing the muscles to pinpoint areas that may have underlying problems. Other treatments employed by health kinesiology™ include magnet therapy, essences of flowers, and a variety of other homeopathic remedies. The goal of these treatments is to release physical and emotional toxins from the body. The underlying principals of health kinesiology™ originate from traditional Chinese medicine and have been expanded to involve the electromagnetic system. Practitioners typically employ light massage along the body’s energy meridians to remedy any imbalances.

Some of the benefits of kinesiology can include reducing the occurrence of allergic reactions, enhancing physical and mental performance, promoting faster healing of injuries and overcoming past emotional traumas. Many people have found the techniques help them with migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and respiratory problems as well. A kinesiologist seeks to interpret muscle feedback as a means to activate the body’s natural healing abilities, as well as to pinpoint outside factors that may be creating harm to the patient. Health kinesiology™ tends not to diagnose and treat disorders, but rather attempts to identify areas of weakness and apply simple techniques to boost energy and overcome blocks. A kinesiologist may observe and test a patient’s manner of walking and recommend remedies such as massage, change of footwear, and stress reduction techniques to create a more flowing and relaxed gait.


Practitioners have a wide variety of techniques that they employ to benefit the whole body system. One of these techniques uses touch and visualization as a way to release emotional and physical stress in a holistic and organic manner. According to health kinesiology™, the body “remembers” any past physical and emotional stresses and holds on to them. This is turn causes stress to build up over time until it has the potential to harm the body and mind.

In some ways, health kinesiology™ mirrors acupuncture in that it focuses on the flow of energy through the body. Kinesiologists study human anatomy and physiology and they maintain that the body has the potential to actually heal itself, but sometimes needs a little “guidance” when illness develops. By looking at the whole body system, kinesiology is thought to be able to pinpoint disorders that conventional medicine may miss. For patients that still suffer from weakness and pain after using health kinesiology™ techniques, it is recommended that they visit an allopathic doctor as well.


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