What is Hair Cement?

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Hair cement is a heavy duty hair styling product designed to hold hair in just about any position with stiff results, withstanding wind, light rain, and even sleep. It can defy gravity and is specifically made for spike-type hair styles. This styling product is a paste-like substance that is delivered most commonly in a tube or a pot, but some manufacturers carry the product in a spray bottle or foam canister. Some brands include a temporary color in the paste, which can add a fun touch of color to a hairstyle.

Hair cement is used at home or in the salon to achieve hard to accomplish hairstyles where the strictest, stiffest hold is needed. These styles include spikes, creative up-dos with twists and bends, and the newer Emu and Scene hairstyles. This styling product will leave hair extremely stiff, so it is not a good choice for hairstyles that call for soft and natural looking hair. Although the product will hold up in light rain, it usually does wash out rather easily.

To achieve spikes that will last the day and night, the user should apply the hair cement to towel dried hair, working it from the roots up to the tip of the hair. The stylist should twist the hair at the end to get the best results. The hair can be prayed with a stiff finishing spray for completely stiff style.


For many styles, the hair should be allowed to set for at least ten minutes to achieve optimum hardness. The wearer should not do any activity that could disrupt the hairstyle in that first ten minutes after styling. Hair cement can be used on wet or dry hair; the user should check the label for specific manufacturer instructions.

Some brands of hair cement come in various colors and metallics to add a bit of flair to punk-like hair styles. Colors may include red, blue, green, and yellow. This is a great option for people who want to add fun colors in their hair without having to use hair dye. Very light blonde hair seems to absorb the color and may take a couple extra washings to completely eliminate the dye. People who use this type of product say that color is more vibrant on lighter colored hair, but often does still show up on darker hair.


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